Anyside – Helping Users Build a Web3 Identity

The amount of money that has been pumped into the web3 naming space in the last year shows just how high demand is for not only blockchain-based domain names but a digital identity overall. It is no secret that the web2 landscape has been plagued by a disjointed market for domain names and with hundreds of millions of them sold already, but yet simply not enough to satisfy everyone.

While web3-based domain names have been a relief, they too have their own issues; fragmentation across blockchain networks, limited use for blockchain domain addresses, and so on. These are the problems that Anyside, a cross-blockchain utility token and naming service, will solve for users.

Anyside – A Metaverse Passport

Anyside is an all-in-one service that helps users establish their identities in the web3 space. First, there is the name service that lets anyone get a .any username. This username can contain any numbers, letters, and even emojis of the user’s choosing, making it as customizable as possible.

Besides this, users will also get a matching domain name, which can route to their website or to their Anyside page. Every user gets a fully customizable Anyside page on which they can display links to their socials, NFT collections, and various crypto wallet addresses to facilitate payments in a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ApeCoin, Solana, and more.

This Anyside page is a major, powerful and immediate utility for those who want to build and showcase their brand identity on Web3. It is also easy to set up and comes with a wide variety of templates, colour themes, and more customization options.

The Future of Web3 Identity

True to its mission of cohesion across web3, all these features are wrapped up in a single digital asset. Described as a tokenized metaverse passport, this NFT can be sold or transferred with ease. Moving forward, the Anyside team is working towards more applications being built on the platform thanks to its API.

Most notably, Anyside does not rely on any single blockchain as its assets can be minted and traded on multiple, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. This is because Anyside is working to become the future of web3 identity and as such, will not be constrained by any single blockchain.

Upcoming Free Airdrop

As part of the free airdrop, you can register an Anyside Name that consists of letters, numbers, and/or emojis totaling six characters or more, excluding proper names and terms from the English lexicon. Users must mint their preferred Anyside name on the Anyside website.

To be eligible for the free Airdrop, simply follow Anyside on Twitter or join the Anyside Discord. A snapshot of Anyside Twitter followers and Discord members will be taken prior to launch so do not wait for the last minute to join.

At mint, Anyside will verify that your Twitter account follows Anyside or that you are part of the Anyside Discord, and then authorize a wallet of your choosing to mint the Airdrop token. Each Twitter account/ Discord member that follows Anyside is eligible to get one free Anyside name for one year.

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