Following the parabolic rise of NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, much focus has been around finding the “next” NFT project.  There has basically been a Zoo’s worth of Animal drops and a Demonic ARPG worth of demons, skeletons, and monsters.  With so many collectible avatar projects launching it’s hard to know which are going to succeed and which are going to fail.  Flying under our radar was the incredibly successful Cool Cats NFT Project.

Why Cool Cat NFTs bucked the recent trends

Like many recent NFT Avatars, this project looked doomed. The market was flooded with 10k+ NFT drops coming sometimes multiple times a day.  In fact, the project appeared to be stalling when the creators did something genious.  Instead of letting the project sputter out at .06 ETH.  The team lowered the price of each cat to .02 (and refunding collectors who already minted) allow the project to regain momentum in the market.

After the sellout, it became obvious that the Cool Cats NFTs provided the perfect storm of utility, uniqueness, and the requirements needed to be a great PFP and ultimately become desired by the market.  Similar to the BAYC, the project began taking off and celebrities like Mike Tyson have joined the NFT space making the Cool Cats his PFP on twitter as of this writing.  Now the Cool Cats NFTs floor sits safely above .5 ETH and may be destined for greater success in the near future.  Keep an eye out, you never know when the next big project will come.

What are the Cool Cats?

Cool Cats are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 10,000 randomly assembled cats from over 300k total options. Cool Cats that have a variety of outfits, faces and colors – all cats are cool, but completed outfit cats are the coolest. Each Cool Cat is comprised of a unique body, hat, face and outfit – the possibilities are endless!

Why Cool Cats NFTs are Cool

Aside from participating in one the freaking coolest, curated but randomized NFT projects to date and getting a kick butt profile picture – you can help us evolve and build the future of Cool Cats. We’re giving back 20% of all ETH raised to the community (through contests, raffles, and more) – because we genuinely want Cool Cats to be a community driven and centric project. By getting a Cool Cat you have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the project. We’ll need help from you guys to determining specifics for future developments like breeding, next generation Cool Cats, the app, and much more!

Source NFT Culture

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