Diana Sinclair “Phases” NFT Collection To Drop On Christie’s 3.0

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Diana Sinclair – the 18-year-old top NFT creator – kicks off Christie’s 3.0 with her first solo NFT exhibit ‘Phases’, starting this week.

On September 28, Christie’s launched its on-chain Ethereum NFT auction house, Christie’s 3.0, where anybody can bid on items. Alongside, they announced that the platform would kick off with an auction from Diana Sinclair. So, what is the Phases collection about?

From left to right: River Over Stone, Ego, I Want to Nuture the Earth, I Am That I Am
Diana Sinclair’s “Phases” NFT collection on Christie’s 3.0

Diana Sinclair NFT Collection Exhibition On Christie’s 3.0 

This week, Christie’s launched an exhibition by Diana Sinclair, ‘Phases’, which consists of nine high-quality art pieces. In their words, ‘Diana Sinclair is minting mind-bending NFTs that combine multimedia elements with artificial intelligence”. 

Apparently, Diana and Christie’s have been working on this partnership for a while. Christie’s says that Diana created and minted each artwork in the collection to feature at the launch of Christie’s 3.0.

Furthermore, Diana Sinclair describes Phases as ‘exploring her place in the universe’. Additionally, she describes her work by saying “It’s about embracing the impermanence of the self and human experience”. Lastly, Diana describes her first solo showcase experience with Christie’s as a huge and positive transition for her creativity.

It seems that both Diana and Christie’s are both honoured to be working together in this way. Nicole Sales Giles, the Director of Digital Art Sales at Christie’s, describes their working experience with Diana as pleasurable. Admittedly, Nicole says, “her work is immensely beautiful and introspective.”

Diana Sinclair is transforming art on the blockchain | Christie's
Diana Sinclair, the 18-year-old leading NFT artist

About Diana Sinclair: Creator of Phases

Diana Sinclair is an internationally awarded artist, activist and curator. As an activist, she shows it through her art by championing social justice. Previously, in 2021 Fortune chose Diana as one of the 50 most influential people in NFTs.

Meanwhile, the auction of the Phases with Christie’s was possible after she signed with United Talent Agency (UTA). At only 18 years of age, Diana has already experienced massive success. What will be her next step?



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