Exclusive: Ledger Unveils New NFT Art Initiatives to Outpace Web3 Innovation

In the NFT space, maintaining integration capabilities at scale is a must. From creators and collectors to companies, pushing boundaries and venturing into uncharted territory has become indicative of prosperity in Web3. And, in response to this envelope-pushing convention, even the most established brands have taken it upon themselves to transform, iterate, and expand.

This is precisely what’s happening within Ledger, the global platform for digital assets security. Well-known throughout the blockchain as a provider of secure hardware wallets, Ledger is now making a deeper commitment to the cultural shift happening in the NFT space. Speaking exclusively to nft now, the team unveiled three new initiatives.

These include a corporate NFT art collection, an internal NFT product development team, and an NFT art endowment fund. Through these projects, the company says it hopes to better support creators and become a more robust steward of burgeoning blockchain technology.

The Ledger NFT Art Initiatives

While the newly announced Ledger initiatives will exist in three parts, the premiere element of this initiative is undoubtedly the Ledger NFT Collection, which will be dedicated to furthering the technical and cultural revolution of the NFT space. As a reflection of the innovation brought forth through NFTs, Ledger has acquired multiple pieces from collections like Chromie Squiggles and CryptoPunks, in addition to other collections from prominent Web3 artists like Justin Aversano, Alotta Money, and OSF.

“NFT artworks are first selected by crypto-art market experts and collectors within our organization following the direction of a managing curator. Then the artworks are discussed in a monthly committee composed of a diversity of collaborators from Ledger, all art lovers,” Ledger’s Chief of Staff Jean-Michel Pailhon said in an interview with nft now. “We look for art that complies with the following intrinsic value criteria: provenance, representativeness, scarcity, completeness, interpretive potential, and capacity to inform us about and to create bridges between the past and current times.”

Beyond the NFT selection currently held by Ledger, the company’s collection will expand to include projects that are specifically aimed at supporting the NFT ecosystem. Yet to further ensure that groundbreaking artists like the ones included in Ledger’s collection have the resources needed to succeed, Ledger’s internal NFT product development team will offer aid through Ledger’s secure minting and distribution platform [ Ledger ] Market.

Of course, these two initiatives would be nothing without a proper infrastructure aimed at supporting artists and curating top-tier projects, which is where the Ledger NFT art endowment fund comes into play. This fund will be set up to finance NFT art projects, with a broader goal of increasing access to NFTs for everyone.

“The goal of this endowment will be to give visibility to digital art and NFT creators from around the world and increase the global NFT art footprint,” said Pailhon. “This non-profit fund will back a wide array of NFT artistic projects and provide access to NFTs for youth, women, and other underrepresented communities through financial, logistics or mentorship aids.”

Expanding the Ledger brand via NFTs

While Ledger’s NFT initiatives feel highly ambitious, they come backed by the same company whose hardware wallet offerings have become a facet of the NFT and crypto communities over the years. Because of this, those hoping to engage in one of Ledger’s initiatives might find peace of mind in the fact that Ledger’s recognition for security excellence remains unsullied.

“Ledger always brings uncompromising security in everything we do. By helping digital creators thrive and foster wider adoption, Ledger’s mission is also to help them secure their assets so that they can start their creative journey with the best tools and knowledge,” said Pailhon. “As the subculture of NFT art eventually expands to the mainstream audience, one can expect those creators to also educate their followers on the best practices when securely collecting and interacting with their NFTs.”

Ledger has sold more than five million devices since its establishment in 2014, which is why it’s no surprise the firm has become a leader in Critical Digital Asset security and utility. With roughly 20 percent of the world’s crypto assets secured, stored, and traded via Ledger services (by the company’s own estimates), wherever Web3 goes, Ledger seems to be paving its future on parallel roads — most recently with its forthcoming Ledger NFT crossover.

Source NFT Evening

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