3 different artists, 3 unique styles, all Gen3 graduates 

Emerging Artist Grant → Education → Mentorship → Genesis drop on Nifty Gateway.

In February 2022 Fan3 set up the GEN3 programme with the aim to support a diverse group of emerging artists with their NFT journeys. Our mission was to break down the social, societal and economic barriers to creativity and democratize access to Web3 opportunities. Our INCLUSION drop funded an Emerging Artist Grant and Mentor Programme, supported by a 6 module education curriculum. The Emerging Artist Grant was allocated to 11 incredible  artists from all over the world and we are proud to present the genesis drop for our first three graduates: Anna Levytska, Moal and Amir Karimian. We are grateful for the support of our wonderful mentors Billelis, Vector Meldrew and Maalavidaa.

About the artists: 

Anna Levytska

Anna is a Ukrainian graphic artist working in a surreal, intuitive style. Her technique is a fine art, traditional ink on paper but in an abstract expressionist manner. Anna’s collection ‘Spirit’ is a reference to literary, folklore, and historical motifs.  A reflection of cultural self-identification and personal experience. Facing a terrifying reality of war and grief and anger and fear – yet staying strong. Spirit consists of an exclusive 1/1, 24 hr auction including a physical of the original artwork plus a ranked auction of 10 editions with a physical of the original artwork going to the highest bidder. All bids above $150 will receive a print of the artwork.

Amir Karimian

Amir Karimian is an independent graphic designer, visual artist and university lecturer based in Iran. His visual art expression in dealing with the morphology of Persian writings is formalistic. Amir’s practice is based on the typography and combination of letters within an image, he conveys the feeling of being alive to the viewer. His pieces include an Open Edition and 2 X FCFS of 5 editions.

In this collection, reality and fantasy are overlapped. By using form, movement, and music, Amir aims to challenge the different senses of the audience as much as possible. In these works, the imaginary and reality elements are mixed in such a way that it is not easy to distinguish them separately. The works are moving in sync with time. The important point of the connection between the forms and the audience is that works flow in the audience’s mind. 


MOAL is a UK-based photographer & musician who loves all things art. He first picked up a camera in June 2020 and quickly developed his unique self-taught style and aesthetic, bringing him to creating NFTs. MOAL’s pieces will consist of a ranked auction of 3 and an FCFS of 10 editions. Drawing on the concept of duality/yin-yang, MOAL used a lighting technique called ‘chessboard’ lighting, aptly named because each half of the photo is split between black & white on the foreground/background. He also used the model’s hair as a scarf, giving the entire picture a raw narrative between the human body and the harsh light. His piece entitled ‘Lady Stardust’ is inspired by the ever-changing avatars of David Bowie, the photography is aptly titled after his song of the same name. 

As well as the mentor scheme and Emerging Artist Grant the Gen3 programme also involves a 6-part education series open to all holders of the Fan3 Communi3 membership pass holders. The modules have included:

  • Marketing and personal brand hosted by Sam Hysell, NFT Now
  • Smart Contracts and minting with Manifold hosted by the imnotart team
  • Diversity and inclusion in Web3 hosted by the team at Hidden 
  • Connecting with collectors hosted by Tara Harris, Nifty Gateway 
  • Protecting your mental health hosted by Maalavidaa, Heal The Deal
  • Producing your genesis drop hosted by Fan3 + Guest Artists 

Communi3 membership passes are available to purchase through Nifty Gateway secondary sales.


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