Love Decentraland? Then show your love with Film Club 2023 and win BIG!

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Film Club has returned to Decentraland for the third year running, this time with an exciting partner and thrilling giveaways.

After holding two successful Film Club Contests, Decentraland is joining forces with HTC to host another round of its exciting competition. As a result, the Decentraland Foundation will offer attractive rewards and prizes ranging from Vive Flow VR headsets and MANA for the best video portrayals.

The theme of the videos should showcase what you love about Decentraland. So, budding directors can highlight the best events, installations and experiences from throughout its virtual environment. Then later in the year, the most inspiring creations will feature at Decentraland’s fun-packed Birthday party. 

Decentraland is known for its innovation and many firsts, and this year is no exception. With excitement pumping stronger than ever, there are several reasons to expect a barrage of creative developments.

How can you participate?
Create a video with a maximum length of 30 seconds. The footage should be directly related to Decentraland and must focus on what you love about it.
Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #DCLFilmClub
Individual Entrants may only claim one prize.
Decentraland Foundation will have permission to use the videos in marketing materials and share them on social media as well as in-world during Decentraland’s Birthday Party event.
Winners will be contacted via Twitter DM. If they do not respond with the requested information within a week their prize will go to the next best.
The last day to submit your creation is Feb 8th, 2023 at 7 AM UTC.
To ensure a safe viewing experience, all submitted videos should be suitable for a workplace environment. Creators have the leeway to select any tools models, images, and audio as long as they do not infringe any copyright issues. So, if necessary, users should get usage rights. Decentraland has always been about originality, so the contest expects unique content from the creators. In addition, Decentraland has also shared tips and tricks for the best recording experience.

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