NFT Holder Wins Art Piece Made Out Of A Real Life AK47

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Scott Norgart from Cardiff, California, minted a Kalash47 NFT earlier this year, and it so happened that the NFT was tied to a high-value physical AK-47. This $18,000 butterfly-covered AK47 is created by Bran Symondson, an ex-military soldier who served in Afghanistan. Symondson is the founder of the Kalash47 NFT project and uses AK-47s as blank canvases to create art. 

Kalash47 NFT winner with Bran Symondson
Scott Norgart (right) in Bran Symondson’s (left) house to pick up his new art piece.

The Butterly-covered AK47 brought to you by Kalash47

The AK-47 that Scott won, wasn’t an ordinary, uncharacterized automatic gun. Its covered in real butterflies and contains symbolic glass bullets. The butterflies, in detail, symbolize Mother Nature enveloping man-made tools. The coral, cherry blossom and snakeskin bullet fillings represent spring, the ever-revolving changes in the world, and the need to protect our planet. Moreover, Symondson had to devise a solution since his art is banned from entering the US. He said that once Scott landed in LA, he’d make him a new piece, and that’s just what he did! The winner just recently received the shimmering AK-47, thanks to Kalash47

Scott said his “older child was most excited and wanted to be here but he had school, it’s a surreal moment when you follow an artist online and then all of a sudden you’re standing in his kitchen receiving this art piece.”

Bran Symondson's AK47 art piece
A NFT holder of Kalash47 just won this exclusive physical AK-47 covered in butterflies created by Bran Symondson.

About the artist and his striking artwork

The focus of Symondson’s work revolves around the environment, especially war-related environmental damage. Although his pieces also bring light to the issues of pollution, especially plastic waste. Further, the artist has been creating Ak-47 sculptures for almost 10 years. Symondson’s work has also made it into the hands of Dana White, the president of the UFC. Dana recently received his second piece, a special AK-74 covered in $100 bills.

Source NFT Evening


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