NFT Plazas Gives the Verdict on NFT.NYC – Was it Worth it?

It’s been two weeks since NFT NYC ended and we’re still recovering from the buzz of one of the biggest NFT events of the year. We’re thrilled some our team members finally had a chance to attend this year and experience the good, the bad, and the weird!

As with all big conferences, not everything is perfect. So, what did we do and what is the general consensus on this year’s event? And, most of all, was it worth attending? Read on to find out.

We Loved the Side Events

Our favorite part was the epic side events around the conference. We attended various special private parties hosted by Cyberbrokers, Dour Darcels, Archtech, Cool Cats, and Illuminati. These were an absolute blast and we’ll be releasing some exclusive footage and interviews soon from the events, so stay tuned!

The Cyberbrokers and Cool Cats events were amongst our favorite ones. It was obvious that the organizers had invested a lot of thought, energy and money into making these events the best they can be and to really deliver an outstanding experience for all attendees.

We have a full interview coming up with Josie from Cyberbrokers. She’s an incredibly inspiring individual who is totally dedicated to her project, and her talent is impeccable. We’ll also be releasing an interview with the founder of Cool Cats, who is a creative force to be reckoned with, and a gem in the space!

The Conference – 16,000 Attendees & 1,500 Speakers

The conference had about 16,000 people attending, that’s a lot of people. Unfortunately, it was impossible to catch many of the speakers we wanted to listen to as the talks were spread over more than seven different venues throughout New York City. The main event and expos were crammed into corridors and conference rooms of hotels, making it hard to enter and move around as the venues were packed with too many people.

On top of that, as most of us already know, there were 1,500 speakers. That’s a huge number of speakers over just a few days, which meant that most talks were only 10 minutes long. Although many of the speakers and speeches were very interesting and valuable, we would’ve loved to see less speakers and longer speeches as 10 minutes felt very short. Overall, the general consensus from everyone was that the organizational aspects of the event need improvement.

With that said, we’re happy the NFT Plazas team was there to connect with the community in person and wave the NFT flag. It’s all trial and error, and we’re sure NFT NYC is going to keep getting better. We’ll be attending several more NFT events in Europe for the rest of 2022 and we hope to see you all there!

Source NFT Plazas

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