Launches API for Developers With Real-time NFT Data

The leading NFT analytics platform NFTGo has launched its Developers API, featuring real-time NFT data. The new feature offers quick access to in-depth NFT data for developers, collectors, and institutions in the market. Its beta version already boasts thousands of users, with more features soon to come.

digital illustration of the NFTGo Developers API feature
The leading NFT data tracking platform NFTGo launched its long-awaited Developers API this fall. Credit: NFTGo

Why is the Developers API so useful?

In short, the NFTGo Developers API is a tool that helps users track key metrics of NFTs in real-time.

If you’re a content creator, for instance, this tool might help you track your own digital assets as soon as you start a new project. The platform reveals important metrics for every founder on the market, such as:

  • NFT collection ranking;
  • Profit leaderboard;
  • Market performance;
  • Rarity score.

Thanks to the platform’s user-friendly design, users can easily access and explore useful data.

screenshot of the top features offered by the NFTGo Developers API
The new feature allows users to track leading NFT marketplaces, projects, and even digital wallets in real time. Credit: NFTGo

Is the new NFTGo tool useful for investors too?

Surprisingly, collectors can use the NFTGo Developers API to track any digital wallet. Once you pick a wallet you’re interested in, the platform will display metrics on its activity. For example, you can see the NFT portfolio valuation, transaction history, and even related wallets!

To illustrate, this feature allows you to track NFT whales’ activity all from one spot. Overall, you might be able to make quicker, smarter decisions before investing in new projects. Moreover, you can get NFT data from top NFT marketplaces too.

The NFTGo Developers API launched its beta version in August. Thousands of users have already explored the tools since then. Accordingly, anyone can enjoy the feature via the NFTGo subscription plans.

“Any project, research institute, or developer can now easily access real-time NFT data with stability, and customized user experience to scale their Web3 product by using Developers API hosted by The tool has undergone many testings and iterations through our beta period,” said NFTGo founder Lowes Yang.

digital screenshot of the NFTGo Developers API tools
Developers, investors, and NFT creators can check the digital assets’ performances faster than ever before. Credit: NFTGo

What is

In essence, NFTGo is a leading analytics platform that tracks NFT transactions. From rarity scores to drops calendar and a trading aggregator, its features have been evolving at light speed.

Today, over 1 million users are enjoying one or more of their services to improve their performance. The new Developers API is, without a doubt, a valuable addition to the NFTGo’s features – for creators and collectors alike.

Not sure where to start? Our in-depth guide teaches you how to use NFTGo to upgrade your NFT trading game!


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