Pelle Cass Photography Brings Stunning Visuals to the NFT Scene

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One of the benefits of the NFT art scene is the way in which it allows creativity to flourish, while also giving artists a new way to distribute their work. Take Pelle Cass, an NFT creator of stunning photography who was recently featured on NFT photography platform, Fellowship

Pelle’s photography is characterized by ‘multiples’ of various items and concepts and has also proven to be a hit in the Web3 space, grossing thousands of dollars. 

Multiplicities in NFTs

Cass is a globally-recognized artist from Brookline, Massachusetts who has exhibited at such places as the George Eastman House, the Albright Knox Gallery, the New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Metamorf Biennial for Art and Technology in Norway. Online, he has amassed a following of people fascinated by his art style. 

One of the first things that is noticeable about Cass’ work is the use of duplication. For example, one of his pieces called ‘Three Meter Board from Side, Experiment’ shows dozens of people edited diving into a pool at the same time. This style of having dozens of a single subject in one photo is present throughout Cass’ work and has been achieved with surfboards, balls, and even people walking down a street. 
Surprisingly, these images are formed organically, with Cass noting on his SuperRare page that, “What I do is completely real, even though it involves tricks.” 

Source NFT Plazas


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