Prada’s New Timecapsule NFTs Will Drop Jan 5th

Prada Timecapsule NFT is a limited-edition collection of shirts that comes with a corresponding non-fungible token (NFT). This NFT serves as an invitation to join Prada’s exclusive Crypted NFT community on Discord. Furthermore, members of the Discord community can access unique events and experiences organized by the brand. Let’s dive into Prada Timecapsule NFT and it’s benefits.

Prada Timecapsule NFT preview to be release on Januarty 5, 2023.
First glimpse at the Prada Timecapsule NFT.
Image Credit: Prada

What is Prada Timecapsule NFT?

Prada Timecapsule NFT is a limited-edition collection of shirts that comes with a corresponding non-fungible token (NFT). The NFT also includes holders in Prada’s exclusive Crypted NFT community on Discord, with access to unique events and experiences. The January edition Timecapsule shirt features a print designed in 1969 by famous Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini, and the shirt comes with its own gifted NFT.

What are the Benefits for Holders?

Holders can benefit from exclusive access to events and experiences organized by the brand. Correspondingly, they get the opportunity to be hosted in Milan for the Prada Menswear Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show. The NFT also serves as a collectible item for fans of the brand.

Prada Timecapsule NFT t-shirt showcase for the January 2023 release.
Prada limited edition t-shirts come together with the Timecapsule NFT.
Image Credit: Prada

How Can I Buy a Prada NFT?

To buy a Prada NFT, customers must first join the Prada Crypted discord channel and become verified as a holder. The Prada Timecapsule drop opens to customers in various countries for 24 hours only, starting from January 5th, 2023 at 3pm CET. Each drop contains only 50 items, as it has happened with previous drops.

How to verify ownership of my Timecapsule NFT?

To verify ownership of a Prada Timecapsule NFT, holders must first ensure they hold the NFT in their wallet, either purchased directly from the official website or on the secondary market. Additionally, they must also be part of the Prada Crypted discord and be verified as a holder via the green tick on the Prada Crypted Discord. Holders can find all information on the verification process on the Prada Discord Channel. Nevertheless, holders need to verify ownership of your NFT to ensure the authenticity and value of your collectible item. Whereas, failing to verify would exclude the holder from all the benefits that come with the NFT.

still of Prada time capsule
A still from a previous Prada Timecapsule NFT

Finally, the Prada Timecapsule NFT drop showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and the integration of digital assets into the luxury fashion world. Prada’s successful embrace of the Web3 community in 2022 has allowed the brand to reach new audiences and solidify its position as a leader in the fashion industry. By offering both physical and digital assets of value, Prada paves the way for a new era of luxury fashion that seamlessly integrates technology and traditional craftsmanship.

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