PUNX is a collaboration between Steve Aoki & chart-topper 3LAU

PUNX is a collaboration between Grammy-nominated vocalist Steve Aoki and internationally renowned chart-topper 3LAU. They are the first DJs in the world to be linked with CryptoPunks NFT characters. Under the supervision of two of the most successful web3 entrepreneurs in the music industry, Aoki and 3LAU have created a ground-breaking audio-visual IRL-meets-metaverse ensemble. Aoki and 3LAU are collaborating for the first time as a duo to expand upon the sonic synergy they established on their most recent audio/visual NFT project, “Jenny.”

Steve Aoki is excited to unveil his latest collaboration with 3LAU, PUNX. “PUNX is a forward-thinking, conceptual musical art project with a nod to the music we love and the music that shaped who we are today. Though we’ve been friends for 10 years, it was our shared passion for web3 that inspired this collab. Using our own Cryptopunks in the visual imagery is just the start of how we plan on bringing the incredible web3 community into this project. I can’t wait to share what we have created with the world.”

3LAU is “extremely excited” to announce the beginning of a new musical journey with one of his closest friends, Steve Aoki. “Over the last few years we’ve navigated the insane world of web3 together and have been wanting to combine our passion for music with that space in an even bigger way, and we’re doing that as PUNX. We can’t wait to share with the world a new sound and all of the crazy ideas we’ve been cooking up in the studio.”

PUNX is positioned at the intersection of music and web3 using the combined talents of Aoki and 3LAU. Last year, after hitting new NFT sales records with his Ultraviolet series, 3LAU launched Royal, a web3 firm he co-founded that enables fans to co-own music with their favorite artists. Aoki presented both Dominion X, the first episodic series to premiere on the blockchain, and his record-breaking Dream Catcher NFT collection at the same time. The two are now well-known names in the business, growing music, and digital communities through immersive projects and engaging narratives. The conception of Aoki and 3LAU’s new PUNX IP was inspired by their shared passion for blog house and electro music as well as the pixelated cyberpunk universe of CryptoPunks. The supergroup will tour and release new songs in 2023.

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