Spatial Announce Its Creator Toolkit For 3D Immersive Experiences

Top metaverse building platform Spatial has announced the launch of its Spatial Creator Toolkit. The toolkit allows creators, digital designers, and architects to design immersive spaces across mobile, desktop, and VR. Furthermore, the creator toolkit is powered by the Unity engine. This makes it a powerful tool to create next-gen art and graphic creation solution. So what exactly can you do with the toolkit? Read on to learn more!

a still from a Spatial metaverse creation by users

Spatial Creator Toolkit: What Is It?

The Spatial Creator Toolkit allows digital creators to use readymade assets to interact and play within the space around them in the metaverse. This makes digital experiences more immersive and fun. Moreover, this is the first time this level of visual quality becomes directly available in a web browser. All that, with fast load times and no download or installs required! Additionally, Spatial now also integrates with Sketchfab integration. This opens up access to the world’s most expansive library of 3D models and objects. Then, this allows for more customization and creative experiences.

Visit Bubble Park on Spatial

“Making immersive platforms easy and accessible for anyone to come in and start building, without prior knowledge in digital design, has always been an important factor in making Spatial the inclusive and open metaverse it is today. This toolkit will open doors for creators to make out-of-this world and exciting places to be, in just a few clicks. Our recent Hublot stadium had visitors spend over 75,000 minutes in the space in just three weeks.” says Jinha Lee, CPO and Co-founder, Spatial. “Creating professional-grade lighting would previously have taken a trained designer at least two days to achieve, and now anyone can do it in a click of a button,” added Anand Agarawala, CEO and Co-founder, Spatial.

In addition to the Creator Toolkit, this year Spatial also has other releases. These include in-room chat, social profiles, photo & video functions, avatar dances & emotes. It has also released a collection of exclusive digital fashion wearables and beauty styles via Ready Player Me. Spatial worked with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hublot, VOGUE, L’Oreal Professional, Maybelline, and The Fabricant.

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