SWEAR London To Drop NFT collection in “Life Beyond” Metaverse

SWEAR London NFT collection will drop in Life Beyond, a sci-fi metaverse powered by Unreal Engine. Accordingly, the partnership handled by Skinvaders and Darewise Entertainment marks a milestone for SWEAR London finally entering the metaverse.

Life Beyond pioneer and a Bored Ape modeling SWEAR London NFT
First glance at SWEAR London NFT character fashion
Image Credit: Animoca Brands

SWEAR London NFTs Influence Metaverse Fashion

Life Beyond gives players a unique gaming experience and true digital ownership over their game assets. Thanks to this collaboration, the game will feature virtual fashion goods, such as SWEAR’s iconic 90s chunky platform shoes. Similarly, the partnership elevates SWEAR’s cult status for existing brand fans while bringing a new ‘fashion following’ to the metaverse.

The collaboration takes blockchain gaming, fashion, and storytelling with NFTs to new heights. Florent Sroka, CEO of Skinvaders, commented: “We are proud to power such an iconic brand as SWEAR to take its first steps in virtual worlds. Providing Life Beyond with Skinvaders technology for 3D content creation is proof that we can work with both Web2 and Web3 game platforms.” Skinvaders is a new-age tech platform that brings digital fashion to the metaverse, deeply involved in the SWEAR London NFT partnership.

Life Beyond Characters showing the new SWEAR London NFT
SWEAR London NFT footwear is their 1st digital wearable in web3
Image Credit: Animoca Brands

What’s next for NFT digital fashion

SWEAR London NFT partnership brings closer attention to the gaming industry as it merges with digital fashion. Darewise Entertainment is the gaming studio behind Life Beyond. They are applauding this partnership and also have full support from their mother company, Animoca Brands.

This is a first-of-its-kind NFT collaboration for Life Beyond. Darewise Entertainment expects that there will be many more like it. Certainly, they are convinced the metaverse offers the opportunity for other brands to enter the web3 space. To maximize such opportunities, Darewise is launching the Life Beyond Creative Solutions team, a creative agency within the gaming studio, to co-create experiences with brands for and in Life Beyond.

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