Through the Lens: Interview with Elfenfolk Designs

Welcome to our limited-edition and exclusive Through the Lens series, dedicated to upcoming and talented NFT photographers. We’re proud to support creators that make the NFT space vibrant and alive!

Meet the wonderful Elfenfolk aka Laura Pirkl, a budding NFT photographer with an eye for detail. She is a multimedia artist exploring the themes of nostalgia, ecology and tension between the organic, mythical and manmade.

Let’s find out more about her and her NFT journey!

How did you get into NFTs and how has it impacted you?

During the final year of my art degree, Covid hit and suddenly everything went online. I was in the middle of setting up my graduation show, as suddenly everyone stormed out the gallery. Without warning, I had to adapt my 7 foot sculpture to fit an online curation.

This is were I first developed my interest in digital art and creating sceneries on digital screens. In terms of how it has impacted me, as an artist, I have been looking for ways to publicise my art without the stress of it being stolen or copied as a result of the digital platform.

This is where I then decided to explore the platform of NFTs due to security from the Non-Fungible aspect.


When did you start your photography journey and how did you get good at it?

Though I have not officially explored photography as a medium I have looked into it in a passive manner in my free time . Given this I have never thought photography be a primary format to be known for and am flattered that people find it to be so appealing.

It primarily started with me capturing my sculptural installations. As developed my practice, I wanted the sceneries I created to have more layers, which is when I started prop making, and experimenting with double exposure.

Ophelia 1

Which photographers inspire you the most? Anyone that you look up to?

I find inspiration in all kinds of art forms; film, sculpture, performance as well as the organic forms in natural landscapes. Photographers that have inspired my practice include Christoffer Relander and Sonja Saur.
Sonja Saur’s storytelling inspired me to explore the mythical and nostalgic within my work, including experimenting with prop making.

Relander’s multiple exposures have always intrigued me, as they melt the human subject into other organic objects. He inspired me to edit my photographs using multiple layers, not only to create depth but to further my storytelling.


What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

One thing I wish I knew at the start of my photography journey, would be that not every shot has to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong – a scene should be curated to balance the visual aspects.

However, emotions are best captured when there is fluidity and freedom. Build a relationship with the people you are photographing, exchange ideas and experiment, but most importantly, enjoy yourself.

A Girl

Where can we buy your photography NFTs?

You can buy my NFTs on MakersPlace, under Laura Pirkl. Keep your eyes peeled, new drops are on their way!

A Cold Heart

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