Decentral Games Announces New Sit-n-Go Mode For ICE Poker

Decentral Games has announced that ICE Poker is getting a new game mode called Sit-n-Go (SNG). The latest exciting game mode will create fast-paced single-elimination tournaments. What’s more, players will compete for ICE wearables and token rewards in both ICE (the in-game currency) and xDG (Decentral Games Governance).

Image of Ice Poker table
ICE Poker has brand new fast paced game mode called Sit-n-Go (SNG).

ICE Poker has a brand new game mode!

The hugely popular play and earn metaverse gaming ecosystem Decentral Games is expanding one of its most popular games.

ICE Poker will introduce the new SNG game mode immediately, and there are hopes it will create a fast and low-cost entry system into the ICE wearables community for those who feel priced out.

“We’ve listened to our community, many of whom became priced out by our regular wearables. We wanted to create a fast-paced ‘entry-level’ circuit of tournaments, so we developed Sit-n-Go. Thanks to the blinds and the ability to play on mobile, it’s guaranteed to be fast-paced and action-packed. Players can refine their craft and eventually accumulate enough to obtain the coveted All-Access Wearable,” said Matthew Howells-Barby, CMO at Decentral Games.

How Does the new SNG game work?

The new six-player ICE Poker game has mandatory 10/20 chip blinds, which double every four minutes. Because the competition aims to maintain a fast pace, the blinds are mandatory, making each game last around 45 minutes.

You must use the unique wearable and shine system to enter the SNG game. Players can purchase a Tournament, Flex, or an All Access wearable to do so. 

Significantly, each ICE Poker SNG tournament will offer excellent rewards. The winners will earn tournament badges, which they can redeem for wearables, ICE accessories, ICE, and xDG tokens. To find out more, visit the Ice Poker website.


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