Decentraland Hosts An Ugly Sweater Wearable Competition For Xmas!

Decentraland is hosting an Ugly Sweater Competition just in time for the holidays. For the contest, creators are challenged to create unique takes on the traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater. These wearables will be eligible for prizes and advertisement on Decentraland’s social pages. Entries start December 1st and run all the way until December 19th.

Two virtual avatars stand in front of an illuminated stadium, in support of the Decentraland Ugly Sweater Competition.
The Decentraland Ugly Sweater Competition runs until December 19th. Credit: Wikipedia.

Who Can Get Involved?

Anyone can join the contest. All you have to do is create an ugly holiday sweater, publish it on Decentraland’s Marketplace, and submit your wearable using the official Decentraland Ugly Sweater form. The contest runs until December 19th at 7 AM UTC and winners will be notified by email shortly after.

Additionally, the first-place winner will take home 800 MANA. The second-place to tenth-place winners will receive 600 MANA each. Now that’s spreading some Christmas cheer.

A virutal city with blue skies and pink trees is shown.
Creators have the opportunity to re-imagine a classic. Credit: Decentraland.

Why the Ugly Sweater Competition?

The goal of the competition is to re-imagine the traditional holiday sweater. By removing the typical constraints of real-world design, creators have the opportunity to do something completely unique. Most holiday sweaters are made of fabrics like yarn and adorned with embellishments like pompoms. Decentraland is asking creators to imagine what they can do with Blender, instead.

What creations can you come up with when the possibilities are truly limitless?

A male avatar wearing a green hoodie stands in the center of a virtual lounge.
Holiday cheer is in the air, as Decentraland offers air time for top creators. Credit: Decentraland.

How is Decentraland Giving Back?

The Ugly Sweater Contest is one way that Decentraland is giving back to the community this holiday season. Creators have the opportunity to re-imagine a classic for the metaverse. Additionally, those who rank in the Top 10 will have their work featured across Decentraland. If nothing else, the competition serves as a radical way to generate new ideas about pushing the boundaries of fashion in the metaverse.

We love to see it.


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