ELLE Décoration France Unveil Their NFT Exhibition With SuperRare

SuperRare – the largest decentralized platform dedicated to original crypto art – has just announced D3SIGN CAPSULE, in partnership with ELLE Décoration France. D3SIGN CAPSULE serves as a way to push the iconic magazine into the digital future, with 16 NFT collections created by architects and designers in collaboration with digital artists. Through this exhibition, ELLE Décoration France aims to reimagine the future of design.

Logo for ELLE Décoration France and SuperRare's D3SIGN CAPSULE
Design enthusiasts can view the D3SIGN CAPSULE physically in Paris, and digitally on SuperRare.

About ELLE Décoration France’s D3SIGN CAPSULE exhibition

To celebrate metaverse architecture and design, ELLE Décoration France asked 16 architects and designers to work with digital artists to bring their visions to life. These works will be exhibited during Paris Design Week, which takes place between 10 and 18 September at the Hôtel de Soubise. Designer Sam Baron has also designed an exclusive scenography that links the classic setting to the D3SIGN CAPSULE works.

Some of the artists have also decided to produce a physical project to enhance their concept. The physical will stand alongside the digital counterpart. It is important to note that all ELLE Décoration France projects will be auctioned on a dedicated SuperRare Space. This is an independent gallery on SuperRare that curates, promotes, and sells artworks.

About SuperRare

Established in 2018, SuperRare is the largest NFT platform specialising in original crypto art. To date, it has generated more than $260 million and more than $150 million earned by artists. It is important to note that SuperRare is a user-controlled marketplace. This is because users who hold the $RARE token govern the marketplace.

SuperRare’s main mission is to create a larger, more transparent and accessible art market free of the influence of centralised companies. Therefore, the marketplace prides itself in being by creatives, for creatives. Recently, SuperRare announced its Cryptoart Couture exhibition. This is currently taking place at the NYC Gallery during the New York Fashion Week and wraps up tomorrow.


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