Ethermail Brings a Web3 Upgrade to Digital Communication

Over the last 2-3 years, the Web3 industry has carved a path right through the middle of the digital landscape. Moving at such a tremendous pace that legacy technologies have found it difficult to keep up. One such example of a traditional medium hanging on for dear life as it contends with the Web3 space is the vital but dated realm of instant messaging. Now however, Ethermail has arrived with a new form of Web3 communication to address this imbalance and offer a tailored wallet to wallet messaging service.

Upgrading Communication for the Web3 Age

Ever since Web3, in particularly NFT collections, began to emerge, they have relied heavily on communities built around the popular Discord and Telegram platforms. Essentially, seeing these two existing communication portals used to perform the many functions required in today’s Web landscape. As a result, often feeling like an afterthought rather than a bespoke piece of kit designed specifically for this purpose.

The problem arises as neither platform was

built specifically for the rigors of the Web3 industry, and consequently cannot cater for its wide range of nuances. Therefore, coming undone because they rely on the holders of specific collections to opt in to the service, as well as being unable to easily differentiate its members based on the collectibles they hold.

In the world of Ethermail however, all this will change. Through the exciting new platform, projects can now build a bespoke community tailored specifically for each collection involved. Essentially, leveraging the underlying smart contracts of each participating project to deliver a best-in-class email communications framework to Web3 users.

Connecting Directly to Communities Based on their On-Chain Activity

In order to facilitate such a seismic shift in the email industry, Ethermail will offer communications based entirely on on-chain activity. So, instead of signing up for a mailing list, users just need to connect their wallets to Ethermail and they will immediately begin receiving messages based on the NFTs they hold.

The innovation does not end there however, as Ethermail has a few more clever tricks up its sleeve. For starters, administrators can tailor each part of a project’s lifecycle into its own set of strategic comms. Therefore, allowing project leaders to guide collectors all the way from the pre-launch, to the post launch and beyond.

In addition, Ethermail also has the amazing ability to differentiate collectors based on the NFTs in their wallet. As a result, allowing the projects to customize messages and single out wallets based on the rarities and traits of the NFTs they own. For example, if Pudgy Penguins wanted to single out a sub community of NFTs with bow ties, they can do so at the click of a button.

As it begins to gather steam, Ethermail has already onboarded several high-profile projects to its platform. With the likes of Probably Nothing, Toxic Skulls Club, inBetweeners and Prime Planet all working with the mighty new email platform. So, as Web3 continues to innovate, digital communications have finally caught up.

Source NFT Plazas

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