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Crypto Hunters NFT

Unique NFT collection dedicated to the upcoming world-wide Crypto Hunters reality TV show developed by a team of award-winning movie & TV series producers! Utilities: All Crypto Hunters NFT holders will attain rewards directly connected to the % of the proceeds from the Crypto Hunters Season One revenues. Forever. Each Crypto Hunters NFT holder will […]



Be different. Stand out with a PFP that is not your normal avatar. Raise awareness on important topics, or show the metaverse a reflection of yourself. An exclusive 1,234 piece Genesis NFT collection. Remote landscapes set the scene for NFT soul-searching. The mirror-monolith reflects your inner psyche. Some reflections are fun, some controversial...others sinister. Specchio […]



About¬†Project369 Bringing forth the first collection of 9,630 Kickback NFTs, giving a new home for those willing to explore their own inspirations where voices/opinions matter and inputs will be rewarded. 51% Of Sales/Royalties used to support the floor if it drops below mint price until staking is released. Once staking is released will then be […]