Journalistic Sleuths Unearth Evidence of Sony’s NFT Plans

Over in the high-tech world of Sony, journalistic sleuths have uncovered evidence of low-key NFT research. Essentially, discovering a patent alluding to digital collectables governed by a blockchain network.

The patent, titled “Tracking in-Game Digital Assets on a Distributed Ledger” indicates serious interest in NFT tech, with the document going on to pose a solution to a problem identifying items used to win high-stakes tournaments in addition to using NFTs for tracking ownership, visual appearance, and recording metadata.

According to the document, Sony filed the patent way back in the heady days of July 2021. A time when NFT sentiment was high, and riding on the crest of a bountiful period of expansion. Since then, however, Sony has tentatively questioned its customer base on where it would most like to see NFTs, as well as launching a loyalty program that it quite vocally stated was ‘definitely not NFTs’.

Through the potential initiative, Sony would use NFTs to record video clips, as well as create gaming assets and characters. An opportunity that would provide ownership to aspects of the game and experiences within it. Despite the company’s cooling towards NFTs in recent months, Sony may still choose to follow the non-fungible path. However, taking the recently popular move to repackage the tech and launch it under a different name seems a more likely move for now.

Source NFT Plazas

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