Nyan Heroes Announce Airdrop for Genesis Guardian NFT This October

Nyan Heroes – the upcoming battle royal NFT shooter game on the Solana blockchain – has announced the date for its Genesis Guardian NFT airdrop. On October 7th, holders of the original Genesis Nyan NFT from the previous mint will receive this new hero mech as a free NFT via airdrop. The Genesis Guardian airdrop will include a unique unboxing experience. Moreover, the NFT mech character will be playable when the game officially launches.

Genesis Guardian NFT airdrop from Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is launching its latest addition to its impressive ecosystem; the Genesis Guardian NFT. Exclusively available for Genesis Nyan NFT holders, it is a great chance to get an advantage before the game launch.

It is important to note that anyone wanting to participate in the airdrop event must own a Genesis Nyan NFT. However, if you do not own one yet, you can buy them via OpenSea, Magic Eden, or Solanart before the deadline – October 4th, 7 AM (UTC).

“We’re proud to be at a stage of development that allows us to begin fulfilling our commitments to the Nyan Heroes community with the first of two Genesis Guardian NFTs,” said Nyan Heroes CEO and Co-Founder Max Fu. “The early supporters who believe in our project should and will be rewarded when they see our dream come to fruition when the game launches.”

About Nyan Heroes, the Battle Royale Shooter Game

Nyan Heroes is a 60-player, third-person, battle royale shooter game built on the Solana blockchain. It is a hugely exciting project created by a team of elite game developers. Some of the group have worked on colossal game franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Marvel’s Avengers, Destiny, and more.

Not surprisingly, there is a huge buzz surrounding the game in the NFT gaming community. When the game launches, it will have various game modes creating a truly immersive experience.

The latest edition to the Nyan Heroes is Genesis Guardian NFTs, which are playable mech characters in-game. The Nyan Heroes lore focuses on cute cats wearing robotic mechanical suits (mechs) battling deadly robots across the galaxy.

In addition to creating a fantastic game, the Nyan Heroes team is helping to save the lives of cats worldwide. Nyan Heroes has an official partner in The Best Friends Animal Society. Together they donated $350,000, using funds from the first game activities.


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