Ozzy Osbourne To Perform In Metaverse Festival in Decentraland

Rock God Ozzy Osbourne has his eyes set on the metaverse for Ozzfest 2022. The set will take place as part of Decentraland’s second edition of the Metaverse Music Festival (MVMF). The event will mark the return of Ozzfest since its last occurrence in 2018, and it will also be the first virtual Ozzfest EVER! So how can you watch Ozzfest 2022 live in the metaverse?

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Get Ready To Rock n Roll!

How To Watch Ozzfest 2022 In Decentraland?

In its second year running, Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival is roaring to be its biggest edition yet. So far, the headliners include the likes of Soulja Boi, Dillon Francis, Eddy Temple-Morris, and of course, the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. MVMF goes live from November 10th to 13th and already has over 100 music acts booked.

This year, the festival has opened its doors to all viewers – no VR headset or payment required! Ozzfest 2022 has partnered with Kraken to make the event possible at Decentraland.  Speaking about MVMF, Decentraland states: “Set in an otherworldly cyberpunk landscape being reclaimed by nature, the festival will feature 15 uniquely designed stages featuring more than 100 musical artists from various genres, as well as new interactive experiences.”

We previously covered how big this years Metaverse Music Festival was going to be. Be sure to tune in to all the fun for free this November!

About Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne was the frontman vocalist of the genre-defining heavy metal act “Black Sabbath.” His bizarre on-stage antics and occult lyrics earned him a following in the millions, all the while defining a generational sound. The singer-songwriter has also led his solo career to new heights through the 80s. Ozzfest is an annual summer music festival featuring heavy metal acts organized by Osbourne and his wife. The festival started in 1996 and toured throughout the United States and Europe. Through the years, Ozzfest has hosted the most iconic metal bands to exist. Earlier this month, Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy, revealed the vocalist’s ongoing struggle with Parkinson’s. It is more than brave to see Ozzy lead the charge for generational shifts in technology and music, especially at this stage of his career and health.


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