Pablo Stanley Postpones Humankind NFT Launch Due To FTX Drama

Bueno founder Pablo Stanley pushes back the launch of “HumanKind” NFT collectibles – his highly anticipated web3 IP studio drop. The delay is owing to current market situations and conditions in the aftermath of the FTX disaster. Also known for top NFT collection Robotos, Stanley hopes to take on web3 with this new monochrome project.

an image showing different HumanKind NFT avatars in its trademark black and white style by Pablo Stanley
The Silver Lining In A Dark World – HumanKind

What Is The HumanKind NFT By Pablo Stanley?

The web3 entertainment aims to elevate the art of storytelling via community-driven, crowd-sourced stories. It also operates with a value system to provide artists with a basic income for their art.

However, the domino effect of the FTX fallout has wreaked havoc on the hopes and dreams of creators and the larger NFT space, among other crypto enthusiasts and builders. Many projects and protocols were completely wiped out due to market conditions. This effect has rippled across the cryptoverse, and HumanKind has taken a step forward to address the situation.

The Humankind project personifies the empathy and warmth within the growing web3 industry. It isn’t a stretch to say that the team are huge proponents of mental health and artist well-being. In their push forward to their collectibles drop, Pablo (@pablostanley) emphasized the need of storytelling and great art in these rough times.

“We’ll launch @humankindArt next week. I understand how hard it will be to maintain people’s attention amid these news cycles and financial security concerns, but now is when we need art, beauty, and storytelling more. I hope to have your support.” announced Pablo (@pablostanley) earlier on his official Twitter.

About The Creator

Pablo Stanley is an artist and creative director for multiple projects like, Bueno, Carbon Health, Robotos, and more. With more than 5 million followers across his art platforms, he is a leading force in web3 and believes in empowering artists. Stanley also has a kid’s TV show, made in production with TIME Studios, an Emmy award-winning television and film division of TIME Magazine.


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