Solana’s Top NFT Project Founder Frank DeGods Just Doxxed!

The Frank DeGods doxx is real. The Founder of Solana’s Top NFT Projects has revealed himself to be Rohun Vora, a UCLA dropout turned Y-Combinator Fellow become Web3 celebrity. The identity of the DeGods and y00ts Founder was previously unknown to the public. Many in the space have openly celebrated the doxxing, especially because Frank’s background displays a high level of entrepreneurial resilience.

Six college students in bright orange shirts sit and stand in front of an electric scooter. One of them is Frank DeGods, who has just doxxed himself.
Frank DeGods doxxing reveals an impressive history of building ventures. Credit: Daily Bruin.

How Was Frank DeGods Doxxed?

Frank DeGods took to Twitter to doxx himself in a Good Morning post. Frank is the Founder of DeGods and y00ts, two of the Top NFT Projects on the Solana blockchain. To illustrate the impact of these projects, the floor price of DeGods is 349 Sol and the floor price of y00ts on Magic Eden is 138 Sol. In fact, DeGods is the #1 most popular NFT project on Magic Eden and y00ts is the #2 most popular.

Frank also has 146k followers on Twitter. He’s a bit of a celeb and even inspired the trend #doxxwithfrank. The CEO of Dust Labs, Kevin DeGods, also doxxed himself and is in fact serial tech entrepreneur Kevin Henrikson. The DeGods are now unmasked.

A man with messy hair, glasses, and a grey sweatshirt speaks to the camera. It is Frank DeGods Doxxing himself.
Frank DeGods has revealed himself to be Rohun Vora. Credit: FrankDeGods Twitter.

What Does Frank Have In Common With Rohun Vora?

A lot. Rohun Vora is the person behind Frank DeGods, and he has quite an impressive background to back up his Web3 clout. Vora attended UCLA for two years, dropped out to pursue a fellowship at Y-Combinator, briefly studied engineering with General Assembly, and then went on to work at MainStreet. Many on Twitter have praised Vora for his perseverance in starting new ventures until he ultimately had success with DeGods and y00ts.

We love to see a builder’s dream come true.


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