Aquarium de Paris To Launch Scientifically Accurate Jellyfish NFTs

The oldest public aquarium in the world, The Aquarium de Paris, and culture curated metaverse Metaseum, team up to launch a special Jellyfish NFT collection. The scientifically accurate NFT collection is also approved by marine biologists. The collection will display 1,234 NFTs on the Metaseum website. Read on to learn more about this amazing new collection!

a picture of one of the Jellyfish in the Aquarium de Paris NFT collection next to the Metaseum logo

What Is The Aquarium de Paris NFT Collection?

The Aquarium de Paris NFT collection is a first-of-its-kind scientifically accurate marine biology NFT project. The project is in collaboration with Metaseum, a metaverse of culture and cultural institutions. Furthermore, the Aquarium has the largest collection of jellyfish in the world, outside of Japan. The collection of 1,234 Jellyfish based NFTs will launch on December 16th, 10:30PM Paris time. This elegant collection consists of a random combination of 60 visuals of 3D modeled jellyfish and 24 unique backgrounds.

Moreover, each of the NFTs are a 1:1 replication of the real Jellyfish swimming in the Aquarium. Additionally, each of the Jellyfish NFTs have also been verified by a team of marine biologists. The team has verified the Latin names, morphologies, tentacles, scientific families, danger index, geographical locations and ages for the Jellyfish in the collection. Therefore, this makes the Aquarium de Paris collection the first one in history to use metadata to categorize scientific traits as NFTs!

This marks a new intersection for science, biology, and tech. With the traits of Jellyfish permanently encoded on the blockchain, the collection is a first of many to follow. The collection has also been released to raise scientific awareness. Any and all collectors of the project automatically contribute to the future of education and entertainment. Especially when it comes to sharing knowledge around Jellyfish.

The Advantages Of The Jellyfish NFTs

Jellyfish NFT holders will receive exclusive perks such as unlimited and free access to the Aquarium and in-store discounts. Additionally, collectors also unlock invitations to VIP events like meetings with biologists, guided tours of the tanks, etc. They also earn access and invitation to the arrival of the polyps of the purchased species, and to the establishment’s night club. This collection is also the first ever Aquarium to enter the NFT space. The project aims to find and establish a web3 community made up of marine world, Web3 and art enthusiasts. As such, the NFT holders also stand a chance to take active part in orienting the management of the Aquarium. You may view and purchase the NFTs on the official website of Metaseum.

“From its inception in 1867, the Paris Aquarium has been at the heart of innovation. The first modern aquarium built in the heart of the industrial revolution, it left a deep impression on people and inspired Jules Vernes to write Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Today, as the era of virtual reality begins, the Paris Aquarium claims to be a pioneer of the Metaverse.” says Alexis Powilewicz, CEO of the Paris Aquarium.

“Since I was very young, I have always been a fan of aquariums and I dreamed of having a large aquarium at home. Today, working for the oldest public aquarium in the world, creating a unique NFT collection, is a real accomplishment for me. Metaseum’s ambition is to push the boundaries of NFTs in the cultural world. We have succeeded in creating an exceptional collection, working with the Aquarium team every step of the way to ensure that the Jellyfish NFTs match the jellyfish that swim in their tanks in every way.” states Metaseum CEO – Martijn van Schaik.

Source NFT Evening

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