Axie Infinity Stocking Stuffer Christmas Event Goes Live

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The holiday season isn’t over just yet, Axie Infinity has kicked off its ‘Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers’ event, and it runs until January 3rd. This ongoing holiday event offers players a fun and rewarding way to collect in-game accessories.

Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers are limited-edition, eye-catching NFT items designed to adorn any self respecting cartoon axolotl. As such, users can claim the latest NFT trinkets to jazz up their Axies, or trade them on the local marketplace.

The first batch of accessories includes 20 different items of varying rarities which players will gain by releasing Axies into the wild. “Release 100 axies? Receive 100 accessories. This helps balance and stimulate Lunacia’s economy by encouraging the buying and breeding of Axies.”

How do does it work?
After players collect accessories, can access a new specific management page. There, players can easily equip their Axies and accessorize their characters with Christmas items.
In addition, Axie will look to reward the most active citizens taking part in the event. Therefore, the top 2-20 event releasers will receive a ‘mystic’ tier ‘Taro’ accessory, while the highest ranked releaser will receive a mystic Mr. Ube NFT. In order to release Axies, players must head to the partnered web page and click on ‘Release Axie Now’ button.
As we all head into 2023, Axie Infinity continues to develop its platform and celebrate with players. In August Axie hosted the biggest celebration of Axie on the planet, and now, it continues to innovate with its Stocking Stuffers event. For those still feeling the effects of Christmas weekend, there’s still time to get in on the holiday fun.

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