BMW Will Use NFTs In Its New Loyalty Program

What is the BMW NFT Reward App?

BMW is intent on integrating blockchain technology into its stack over the next few years. The Web3 Rewards App is a big step in the direction they want to go, as customers will be rewarded for behaviors that drive value for the brand. Furthermore, customers will have the opportunity to utilize their rewards in the ecosystem and earn BMW products. This initial rollout will take place in Thailand, with the potential to go global in the future.

A silver BMW is parked in the driveway of a white house in California.
Additionally, the Web3 App was created with BNB Chain and Coinweb. Credit: Newsweek.

Who Is Helping To Create The App?

BMW has partnered with two Web3 companies to create the NFT Rewards App. BNB Chain and Coinweb will be supporting the endeavor with their tech. BNB Chain will be settling the transactions for the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Coinweb will be working behind the scenes to provide the infrastructure for BMW’s decentralized network. Put together, BNB and Coinweb are a strong partnership for BMW, where each entity is set up to deliver its best. The results should be astounding.

The BMW logo is placed next to the Coinweb logo on a blue background.
Moreover, BMW continues to utilize blockchain technology in its business. Credit: Coinweb Twitter.

The Future of BMW and Blockchain?

BMW continues to implement blockchain technology into its overall strategy. This is after utilizing the tech internally for operations since 2018. Therefore, this release is pretty special. It’s something that consumers will see and interact with. Plus, it could be the foundation for an entirely new BMW ecosystem. That’s the kind of thing we like to see.

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