Creator Of mfers NFT Is Back On Twitter As ‘Sartoshi RIP’

Top meme NFT collection mfers‘ founder Sartoshi has made their return to Twitter, donning the name “Sartoshi RIP” (@sartoshi_rip). After months of their disappearance and speculations about their return, the meme NFT creator has finally put forth a statement. In it, the anonymous entity ‘Sartoshi’ chronicles the gradual disappearance and reappearance, and lays out their plans for the future. Learn more about the mystery creator and how the meme project plans to move in the near future.

An image of the stick figure NFT avatar of anonymous MFers project founder Sartoshi

Who is the MFers NFT project founder Sartoshi?

In early 2021, an anonymous NFT collector named Sartoshi first appeared in the scene. The anonymous NFT founder started uploading and creating digital artworks as well as a hand-made character that would embody their future successful stick-figure meme NFT brand “mfers.” Post their November 2021 launch, the NFT brand successfully generated ~$1.5 million in sales. No restrictions for the community, an all cc0 project, no roadmap, and most of all, no ruler of the project. By early 2022, the anonymous founder had a following of over 100k.

At this time, loads of mfers in the community speculated what it would be like for the project to have no leader. After all, the idea that a leaderless project with a founder disappearing into the ether would mimic the mysterious Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto would be a priceless coincidence. And this was when Sartoshi pondered upon the idea. In Sartoshi’s recent Mirror post, the founder explains that he thought it would be “a powerful event to leave it all and transfer the mfers smart contract to the community.” Therefore, through this move, Sartoshi handed over all authority surrounding the MFers project to the community.

Sartoshi created one last open-edition mfer drawing to close their end of the deal. This character said “GN mfer’s” in contrast to the project’s original drawing that says “Gm”.  Then, on 6/9/22, this “End Of Sartoshi” character NFT was released to the public on sale. And just like that, Sartoshi disappeared into thin air. The mfers contract was sent to the unofficial.eth multi-sig wallet and the founder was never to be heard from again. Until now.

The Return Of Sartoshi

After months of their disappearance from the NFT industry and speculations that yet another account, @MinisterOfNFTs could be Sartoshi, the real Sartoshi has arrived back on the scene! In their Mirror post, the founder claims that they will start with their new account “@Sartoshi_RIP” and re-enter the space as a collector. The founder also states that the “End Of Sartoshi” NFTs are to serve as an ongoing pass that unlocks free claims to top-tier NFT projects! The project will continue as a leaderless organization. Furthermore, the royalties on the End Of Sartoshi pieces are at 0%.

Starting in 2023, the NFT space witnesses the return of the meme lord in full drive. The project stands to deliver top-notch memery and entertainment in web3. And allowing access to its community to even more projects is just the cherry on top!

Source NFT Evening

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