Funko and Warner Bros. Launch Horror-themed Digital Pop! Collection

Halloween is just around the corner, and Funko has teamed up with Warner Bros. Discovery for a spooky horror Digital Pop! series NFT collection. The terrifying WB Horror x Funko Series 1 is available from Monday, October 31st, at 11 AM on the NFT marketplace Droppp.

Fans of horror will love the NFTs, with favorites from a wide range of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema Films. Therefore, the lineup includes The Conjuring, IT, The Exorcist, and many more. Prices start at $9.99, and every pack comes with the opportunity to win an ultra-rare Funko Digital Pop! which can be redeemed for a free, limited edition, physical vinyl collectible. 

Image of the horror Funko Digital Pop! NFTs
Funko Horror NFTs are here, and they contain a spooky secret!

WB Horror x Funko Series 1 NFTs

What better way to celebrate Halloween in the web3 world than with a spooky Horror Funko Digital Pop! Series NFT. Like other digital collectibles in the popular Funko Digital Pop! series, the NFTs resemble Funko’s uniquely stylized figures. 

However, this horrifying collection is not as cute as the others. In fact, it features some of the scariest and most horrific characters in cinema history. Pennywise the Clown, Regan (the girl) from The Exorcist, and even The Nun from The Conjuring franchise are all available to collect in various forms and styles.

Funko NFTs comes with a spooky surprise

The Funko horror NFTs are available in two different Digital Pop! packs. The Standard pack, which includes 5 Digital Pop! NFTs are $9.99. There is also a Premium pack that contains 15 Digital Pop! NFTs for $29.99. To clarify, there are 25,500 packs available for both Standard and Premium packs.

Finally, a terrifying surprise is hidden amongst these packs and ready to jump out and scare Digital Pop! holders. Various rare Digital Pop! NFTs have a dreadful secret. These NFTs can also be redeemed for one of six corresponding limited-edition physical collectibles.

Redeemable collectibles within this Funko horror series include The Nun with Painting, Father Karras, The Crooked Man, Spider Pennywise, Malthus Holding Annabelle, and Freddy Funko as Georgie. Funko continues to build on its huge presence in the NFT space with this latest horror collection.


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