Gods Unchained Announces Esports Tournament with $70k Prize Pool

Leading NFT trading card game Gods Unchained completed their first esports tournament earlier this month, co-organized by Aqua.xyz.  With a prize pool worth $70k, which included USDC, $GODS (their game token), as well as card packs – The “Battle for the Light”  tournament was a massive success! Read on to learn more about the tournament and its winners!

Gods Unchained tournament poster depicting the words "Battle For The Light" in stylized font.
The Official Battle For The Light Tournament Poster

How Did Gods Unchained Host Their Tournament?

Gods Unchained held two tournaments back to back, of which “Battle Of The Light” was the second tournament. The first tournament, “Lights Verdict: Showdown,” took place on September 30th. It saw top content creators go head to head in intense trading card battles.

The tournaments took place on October 8th and 9th, and the entire GU community had the opportunity to join the second tournament. Additionally, the two regional events were split across the Americas and Asia Pacific time zones and the EMEA & Commonwealth time zones (CIS). The official Twitch accounts of Gods Unchained also live-streamed both the events.

James Fletcher, Senior Esports Manager of Gods Unchained, also stated: “With Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown and Battle for the Light, we are embarking on that first step towards our long-standing promise to the GU community. This is the first time that we are able to bring global, esports-style tournaments to players.” Both tournaments saw players use their latest “Light’s Verdict” expansion pack!

Who Won The Esports Tournament?

Prominent Gods Unchained streamers such as @HpainGU, @meltysquid, @VThoes, and @sifu_gu were the official winners of the Battle For The Light esports tournament. The prize pool was distributed between all the winners: 10,000 USDC, 30,000 $GODS, & $29,000 in card packs.

A table containing the names of winners of the Gods Unchained Battle Of The Light tournament
The winners of the Gods Unchained Esports Tournament

More About Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a top-of-the-line NFT/web3 trading card game on Immutable X – an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain. The game combines the experience of tangible trading packs with the ease of digital collectibles. Ultimately, this results in a fantastic gameplay experience. Gods Unchained also allows players to earn, trade, and sell different trading card NFTs. Moreover, players can compete and make more money in online multiplayer battles and tournaments.


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