Pplpleasr’s Shibuya Web3 Platform Raises $6.9M

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pplpleasr’s Shibuya Streaming Service has raised $6.9M with a recent round of seed funding. The Web3 content platform has already produced 7 minutes of high-quality animated film through it’s series “White Rabbit,” and raised over $1.5M from NFT sales. Now, Shibuya is looking to increase its pool of creators and devs to bring fans access to a wider range of content.

pplpleasr stands in front of a red, white, and blue wall wearing a bright green suit, in support of pplpleasr's Shibuya launch.
pplplease wants to improve Web3 content with Shibuya. Credit: pplpleasr Twitter.

pplpleasr’s Shibuya Raises $6.9M?

Shibuya only kicked off in March of 2022. It’s seen major traction in the few months that it has been around. This seed funding is no different, as Shibuya picked up celebrity investors like Kevin Durant and Paris Hilton.

Moreover, it sounds like Shibuya is aiming to be a better version of Netflix. With all of the tools of Web3 at its disposal, the new streaming platform features built-in decentralization and utilizes blockchain to distribute content. Also, the platform aims to empower creators to monetize and give fans a deeper connection to the stories they love.

pplpleasr stands with the Mayor of Shibuya and shakes his hand.
High-profile celebrities like Paris Hilton are investors in Shibuya. Credit: pplpleasr Twitter.

Who is pplpleasr?

NFT artist, pplpleasr, is behind the project that is bringing Shibuya to audiences across Web3. Known for elaborate anime and intricate images that feature the stars, pplpleasr’s art has always invoked the feeling of being able to do more with the technology Web3 affords. It is no surprise, then, that the self-described “high quality meme generator” is creating a platform that empowers artists and audiences to dream of new connections.

pplpleasr is photographed in front of a setting sky.
pplpleasr is building a Web3 Streaming Platform that empowers creators. Credit: The Information.

The Future of Content?

With Shibuya, pplpleasr is betting big on the future of content. Specifically, Shibuya is making the case that content should be decentralized and monetized. Not only that, the platform makes it possible for creators to engage with their audiences in novel ways. With $6.9M in seed funding, pplpleasr has the backing to do some incredible things with Shibuya.

We love to see it.

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