Square Enix Releases Its Debut NFT Game On Ethereum

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Square Enix, the enormous Japanese gaming company, has announced its first-ever Ethereum NFT game. Symbiogenesis will launch early next year as a browser-based PC and mobile game. To clarify, the game will be an interactive NFT art-collecting game that will offer a fully immersive experience. Significantly, the company is calling this a ‘franchise,’ so there are clear plans to build a massive ecosystem around this game.

Square Enix Game logo for Symbiogenesis with black background
Square Enix has announced it is launching a new NFT game called Symbiogenesis next year.

The new Square Enix NFT game is a franchise!

Square Enix is one of the most popular role-playing gaming companies ever. In fact, they have created several of the biggest games in history, including The Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom of Hearts. 

These games have all gone on to become global powerhouses in the gaming world. Now, Square Enix is turning its attention to the web3 space, focusing on developing an NFT game franchise.

In a tweet yesterday, Square Enix announced the game’s official name alongside a speculative release date and a small video. They stated, “NFT Collectible Art Project SYMBIOGENESIS Untangle the Story Spring 2023”.

Symbiogenesis is coming in Spring 2023

There is little information about the project so far. However, we know it will combine mystery elements and NFT art collecting. As a ‘web-based, narrative-driven platform,’ it will vary from traditional video game experiences but will feature interactive elements.

According to the company, players will control their NFT avatar, complete missions, and much more in a vast blockchain world. 

Furthermore, Square Enix has slowly been building its presence in the web3 world. In July, they announced a commemorative collection of Final Fantasy NFTs celebrating 25 years of the iconic game. As with the game, these will launch in 2023. The company’s president has previously suggested that NFTs will change the gaming industry.



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