Amber Vittoria Becomes Moonpay’s 1st Artist In Residence

The acclaimed visual artist and poet Amber Vittoria just revealed that she is the first NFT artist in residence at Moonpay! Starting this month, the creator will host Twitter spaces and events, and share insights into her fascinating world. Moreover, her brand new NFT collection will drop this December via Moonpay, much to fans’ excitement.

image of visual artist Amber Vittoria showing two of her physical artworks to the camera
The renowned visual artist Amber Vittoria becomes Moonpay’s first artist in residence. Credit: Instagram

Amber Vittoria is Moonpay’s first artist in residence, but what does it mean?

If you’re a fan of Amber Vittoria’s abstract, meaningful works, it’s your lucky day! As Moonpay’s first artist in residence, the creator will offer an insight into her creative universe like never before. In fact, she has already given some details in her latest Twitter thread.

For example, Vittoria will attend exclusive events and host Twitter spaces to discuss her Web3 journey. In addition, she will be in charge of curating the future artists in residence.

Surprisingly, Amber Vittoria will also take this opportunity to launch her new NFT collection, “Untitled”, via Moonpay. Accordingly, the drop will happen in December and its main theme is “the beauty of metamorphosis”. The artist shared several sneak peeks too – take a look:

image of six visual artworks by Amber Vittoria for Moonpay
Amber Vittoria’s long-awaited NFT collection will drop via Moonpay in December. Credit: Amber Vittoria

Why did Moonpay launch this initiative?

In essence, Moonpay aims to support emerging artists and female creators in the NFT space. Each quarter, the platform will give a voice to each chosen artist so they can share their journey. What’s more, Moonpay will also purchase one NFT from each artist in residence. The result? An impressive collection of talented visionaries in the Web3 world.

To conclude, Amber Vittoria is the ideal artist to debut Moonpay’s artists in residence project. After all, her entire vision revolves around female empowerment, identity, and feminity. The creator also made it to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Art & Style chart. Of course, her latest drop “Memories of a Masterpiece” helped her grow a solid fanbase among NFT collectors too.

Source NFT Plazas

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