Brief evaluation of fee-based and free gameplay in ordinals.

Regarding #ordinals, fees and free options, including Bitcoin NFTs and BRC-20.

  1. Perspective: In the long run, fees and free options are actually the same.
  2. Bitcoin NFTs are permanently stored and do not have royalties. Both artists and developers need incentives. There are two ways for artists to generate income.
  3. The first is to directly charge for Bitcoin NFTs, so that artists and developers can directly earn revenue to develop the ecosystem and create better products. This is a more direct form.
  4. The second is for artists or developers to reserve a portion for future sales. This is mentioned in the handbook on the official website of ordinals. It is not unethical.
  5. Pros and cons of direct charging.

Advantages of direct charging: Provides direct incentives to the project team, which can be used for market maintenance, development, and promotion. It reduces pressure on artists. The project’s price is not zero, establishing a consensus floor price.

Disadvantages of direct charging:Increases costs for early participants, and this form of direct charging may not be easily accepted intuitively.

  1. Advantages of offering for free or reserving for future sales: Lowers the cost for early participants, making it easier to be accepted and promoted.

Disadvantages of offering for free or reserving for future sales: Releasing the reserved portion in the future may have a greater impact on the market. The project team may abandon the original project after selling it because there is no long-term responsibility for free projects.

  1. Therefore, for a long-term project, the overall impact of direct charging and offering for free or reserving for future sales is similar. They differ in the time frame and emphasis. Additionally, the involvement of mining fees means that free options are not completely free in terms of cost. Hence, not everything that is charged is necessarily expensive, and not everything that is free is necessarily desirable.

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