Care Bears Launch Their Collectible Avatars In The Sandbox Metaverse

The Sandbox Metaverse introduced its latest Avatars – The Care Bears. Players can don the Care Bear avatars in-game to play games, complete quests, and earn $SAND. The allowlist mint starts on 14th November 2022, with a  public sale the following day.  Learn more about these adorable avatars and how you can mint them!

an image that shows different Care Bear avatars in the Sandbox metaverse.
Care Bears Have Arrived At The Sandbox!

How Can I Mint Care Bear Avatars?

The Care Bears avatars are smaller in size compared to other themed avatars in the Metaverse. This means that players will get to experience the metaverse on a whole new scale and perspective! Furthermore the Care Bear collection consists of 3060 units ranked across various rarity levels. The cute avatars’ rarities range across Classic, Multicolor, Mixed, Web3, and Unique skins. Moreover, each of them contains 100 hand-crafted traits and designs, so that no two avatars in the collection are completely alike.

Significantly, the Care Bears are early Sandbox collaborators – going all the way back to 2020. Each Care Bear in the collection unlocks specialized abilities and features for its owners. Moreover, this is the largest Care Bears collection that exists, and also the first Sandbox collection to use a different size model. The NFTs are minting on Polygon for 100 $SAND each. To mint the avatars, users will need to create a Sandbox profile, and store SAND and MATIC tokens in their account. Users can mint on any crypto wallet that supports Ethereum, except Venly. Users can mint the collection on their official Care Bear NFT Mint page.

More About The Collection

The Care Bears are iconic 90’s nostalgia characters – appearing in books, TV shows, movies, and video games. The characters were originally painted in 1981 by artist Elena Kucharik to be used on greeting cards from American Greetings. Each of the Care Bears captures and expresses a human emotion. The official mint collection on Sandbox states “Whether you feel Cheerful, Harmonic, Lucky, or Caring, there will be a Care Bears Avatar in it for you!”


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