Diana Sinclair Christies 3.0 Auction Takes In 66ETH in Revenue

Christie’s has just revealed that the inaugural sale of Christie’s 3.0, Diana Sinclair: Phases, has sold out. The sale totalled 66.77 ETH across the nine lots, selling 145.2% hammer above the low estimate. This successful sale demonstrates the auction house’s position as a forward-looking institution.

a photo of artist diana sinclair for christie's
Diana Sinclair’s NFT collection sold out, generating 66.77 ETH.

About the inaugural Christie’s 3.0 Auction

Diana Sinclair’s Christie’s 3.0 auction revolves around the human experience, technological innovation, and identity. The top lot in the sale was “I Am That I Am”, which sold for 20.82 ETH, or $26,071.84 at the time of writing. As a result, this set an all-time high for the artist’s work. Additionally, Diana Sinclair’s “River Over Stone (Still)”  sold for the remarkable sale of 8ETH. This is a considerable feat considering the current market conditions.

Nicole Sales Giles, Christie’s Director of Digital Art Sales, said: “It was an absolute pleasure working with Diana on our inaugural sale for Christie’s 3.0. Her beautiful pieces clearly resonated with many collectors – both new and existing clients of Christie’s. 

Following on, Giles continued to say “We are thrilled that our new on-chain platform appealed to so many so quickly. A white-glove sale plus the diversity of bidders reaffirms Christie’s confidence in Digital Art as a serious collecting category,” (referring to the new Christie’s 3.0.).

About Diana Sinclair

Diana Sinclair is an 18-year-old multidisciplinary artist, activist, and curator. Her work focuses on social justice and humanity. Last year, Fortune selected Diana Sinclair as one of the 50 most influential people in NFTs. Undoubtedly, Sinclair’s success at such a young age signifies the revolutionary power of Web3 among Gen Z. Therefore, it is safe to say that Sinclair’s successful collaboration with Christie’s cements her position as an influential figure in the NFT space.


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