Crypto House Capital, a digital real estate firm, is building the first virtual skyscraper in Meta’s Metaverse. Will we see more “MetaReal” projects in the future?

Seasons change, people change, and companies change as well. We all remember when Facebook rebranded as Meta and started building its own virtual world. Marke Zuckerberg seems to be obsessed with it.

Just last year, Zuckerberg and company invested more than $24 billion into Metaverse.

Although some described the current version of the Metaverse as a “lonely place,” some players are working on changing that. One such player is Crypto House Capital, a digital real estate firm working on the first virtual skyscraper called Skylum.

Metacities and the Concept of MetaReal

Before we discuss where and how you can buy an apartment in the Metaverse, let’s talk about Crypto House Capital and the firm’s concept of MetaReal.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand what MetaCities are – digital cities complete with public services, entertainment venues, and residential buildings. It’s the concept we’ve seen hundreds of times in science fiction films and books.

That’s what Crypto House is trying to achieve one day. But before they can start building entire cities, they need to start off small.

The first step in their long-term plan is Skylum – the world’s first virtual skyscraper. Crypto Houses’ MetaReal project – a concept defining when a virtual building has a real-life counterpart – represents the first step to a truly MetaCity.

Owning an Apartment in Skylum

The units in the skyscraper will be fully customizable and designed to fit each owner’s exact needs and interests. As Tomas Nascisonis, CEO at Crypto House Capital, described, these units can be anything: home, office space, meet-up spot, or a dedicated gaming arena.

The point here is to give each owner a personalized experience and make them feel like they really do own a piece of the Metaverse.

So who’s mostly interested in buying a virtual apartment? Metaverse investors? NFT owners? Gamers? You’d be surprised. According to Nascisonis, people with little to no interest in the Metaverse are buying units, which drives the demand.

How Can You Buy a Skylum Unit?

The pre-sale of Skylum apartments has recently started. The firm currently offers 50 units at discounts of up to 70%. To own, all you need to do is get in touch with the Crypto House and put up a deposit.

If you buy an apartment or a penthouse in Skylum, you’ll also get access to two of the most popular Metaverses. The Sandbox and Decetraland. There, you can make further virtual real estate investments, and sell, or rent your property.

And how much do you need to pay to own this piece of Metaverse real estate? MetaReal apartments are selling for 10 ETH, which amounts to roughly $13,000 at the time of this writing. Once the pre-sale is over, the price could go significantly higher.

So, you should not miss this opportunity if you have the funds and a vision for what your MetaReal could look like.

Laying the Foundation for a New Reality

MetaCities, MetaReal projects – that’s where the future of digital real estate lies. And Crypto House Capital is leading the way.

Thanks to their Skylum project, investors and gamers alike will be able to travel back and forth between the two realities – the physical and the virtual.

Laying community and economic foundations for this new reality is a big step for Crypto House. And it’s definitely worth the investment.

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