DressX and Dundas Partner To Bring Digital Fashion To Roblox

The popular digital wearables brand DressX teamed up with Dundas for its second drop with Roblox, one of the most popular metaverses to date. Accordingly, the new collection is inspired by top celebrity looks with trendy ’90s style influences. The best part? These hyper-realistic clothing items fit any avatar measures, so prepare your digital wallet ’cause it’s shopping time!

image of four digital avatars wearing Dundas x DressX clothing items within Roblox
The iconic Hollywood fashion brand Dundas joins forces with DressX again for a celebrity-inspired drop via Roblox!

What does the new DressX and Dundas’ Roblox Collection Look Like?

If you’re into Beyonce’s Grammy Awards looks or the ’90s fashion, ‘The DressX x Dundas Party Drop’ is for you. This drop features five 3D digital clothing items with hyper-realistic features inspired by the latest celeb trends.

From bright-pink Barbie dresses to oversized hoodies, this collection is all about diversity. In fact, the Roblox ‘Layered Clothing’ technology innovation makes the wearables fit any digital avatar flawlessly!

“Taking inspiration from the brand’s famous red carpet designs, we are sure that our new Party Drop will quickly find its fans and become a go to choice for any special occasion on Roblox and in the metaverse,” said DressX founders Natalia Modenova and Daria Shapovalova. “We are honored to continue our close relationship with Dundas and keep on supplying Roblox users with the high-fashion digital designs.”

After all, creator Peter Dundas’ fashion style is renowned for its glamorous, yet colorful collections (highlighted in his DressX collabs too). Over the years, many celebrities have embraced his unique vision, including Beyonce, Rita Ora, Reese Witherspoon, and others.

image of a NFT wearable by Dundas and DressX
DressX has been collaborating with Dundas since 2022 when they launched a luxury limited-edition drop. Credit: DressX

Are Fashion NFTs Worth Investing In?

The MetaFashion industry has been growing at lightspeed in 2022 – and the trend seems to continue this year too. By now, we all know giant real-life brands such as Gucci or Dolce & Gabanna launched their own exclusive collections.

However, the success can go the other way around too. The best example is undoubtedly RTFKT, the (now) giant digital shoemaker. Founded in 2020, the NFT project scored outstanding collaborations with Takashi Murakami and Nike – whom they ultimately joined. The RTFKT CloneX drop was incredibly successful, with some NFTs selling for over $1.3 million at the time of their purchase.

In other words, fashion NFTs are definitely a niche worth investing into now that the Metaverse is growing in popularity. DressX and Dundas’ Roblox drop is the latest launch making waves and you can mint your own collectible on their dedicated platform!

Source NFT Evening

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