Invisible Friends Announce 3D Artwork Drop By Nguyen Nhut

Iconic NFT project Invisible Friends has announced the launch of its digital 3D model NFTs in collaboration with award-winning artist Nguyen Nhut. The 5000-piece supply comes with a 0.07 ETH price tag and drops on 23rd November at 12 PM PST. Learn more about this unique collection and how you can mint the 3D Invisible Friends below.

a picture of an "invisible friend" NFT where the skin of the character is invisible but is wearing a hoodie, track pants, sneakers, and "diamond hand" gloves
To quote Invisible Friends – “You’re Still Early”!

How To Get The Invisible Friends 3D NFT?

Invisible Friends continues to be a huge success story in the NFT-verse. The unusual yet highly intricate art and aesthetic gained this project over 100k followers pre-launch. Now, the 3D version of the artwork will be available to the community and wider audience on November 23rd!

Invisible Friends and Clay Boy holders will have a 1-week window in which they can mint their 3D Invisible Friend. One 2D Invisible Friend NFT will unlock one 3D Invisible Friend each. Additionally, the project has stated that the leftover mints will be reallocated in the supply.

Furthermore, the team of its parent company, Random Character Collective (RCC) will not be able to mint their own Invisible Friends NFT. Instead, after the closure of the 1-week window, the team will receive their corresponding number of NFTs via airdrops, only if any NFTs are left. The allocation also includes 50 whitelist spots for Nguyen’s ‘Clay Boy’ project holders. This step, the IF team has assured its community, is in the interest of fair distribution of the new Invisible Friends NFTs.

Every 3D Invisible Friend made by Nguyen Nhut also comes with new & old randomized traits. You can mint the 3D Invisible Friends directly on the official Invisible Friends website. Hurry up! Grab yours before its too late!

About Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is an NFT project by prolific Swedish artist Markus Magnusson. During launch, Invisible Friends became one of the most-hyped NFT projects of all time. The 5000-unit collection carries a distinctive style that features invisible people wearing stylish clothes. The trendsetting brand gained so much notoriety for its sleek aesthetic that it opened up collaborations with fashion giants KITH! The growing project roadmap also includes an “OG Toys” collection and an off-shoot of the project coming up next. The “Garbage Friends” spinoff project is the entire opposite aesthetic of the clean Invisible Friends.

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