Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker is set to release redeemable NFTs on BlockBar to celebrate a cultural moment for the arts. The event will take place in Miami on December 1 and allow participants to connect and learn about other cultures.

In a press release, Johnnie Walker confirmed that it had teamed up with streetwear designer VandyThePink. Also, the company had partnered with 88rising, a pioneering music, and arts collective.

The NFTs will hit the market on November 22 and will be based on the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Holders of the NFTs will get to vote on the artwork that appears on the bottles and receive “a signed, serial numbered commemorative piece of artwork while enjoying an elevated Johnnie Walker Blue Label tasting experience.”

Also, they will have VIP access to the cultural event and get a chance to meet VandyThePink.

On the collaboration, Junghoon Vandy Son, better known as VandyThePink, notes that “Johnnie Walker Blue Label has become a recognized symbol of prestige and I am excited to imprint my artistic vision on one of the most iconic blended Scotch Whiskies in the world.” 

Before adding:

“Inspired by the complex harmony and depth of character, I wanted my artwork to be emblematic of the balance within the bottle while representing the communities Johnnie Walker and 88rising bring together.”

Redeemable NFTs For Limited Edition Bottles

Once the cultural event takes place, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label NFT will be updated to reflect what the community has voted on. The artwork will also inspire the design of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label VandyThePink edition bottles.

Once the physical bottles are made, they will be held securely by BlockBar and can be traced on the blockchain. Holders of the NFTs can redeem them for physical bottles.

As mentioned earlier, the NFTs drop this coming Tuesday. BlockBar’s Johnnie Walker token holders, Johnnie Walker POAP holders, and a select group of Web3 community members will have early access to the NFTs. Each NFT will cost about 0.3 ETH.

Source NFT News today

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