Logan Paul Releases Updated CryptoZoo Plans Amid Controversy

The Logan Paul CryptoZoo drama continues to swirl, as the controversial influencer took to YouTube to release a series of updates. Investors who are unsatisfied with their purchase will be receive refunds and Paul has set aside 1000 ETH to do so. Additionally, the team will rebuild the entire CryptoZoo game so that players have full functionality. Finally, Paul apologized to CoffeeZilla.

The Logan Paul CryptoZoo controversy continues, with an image showing Paul in a white t-shirt.
Paul has set up a fund to refund disgruntled collectors. Credit: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images.

Will the Team Issue CryptoZoo Refunds?

Those who purchased NFTs from the CryptoZoo collection will be able to receive a refund on the mint price. Buyers minted the collection in 2021 for 0.1 ETH. Paul has now set aside 1000 ETH to assist any customers who are unhappy with their experience.

Furthermore, Logan Paul and his manager Jeff Levin are burning the remaining NFTs so that they cannot gain from the refund. Additionally, Paul let fans know that the team will be rebuilding the CryptoZoo game to make things right with the community.

Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul are seen holding hands during a wrestling match.
Paul also went on record to retract his previous statements against Coffeezilla. Credit: WWE.com.

What Happened with the Logan Paul CryptoZoo?

The influencer Coffeezilla, also known as Stephen Findeisen, called out Paul in a YouTube video. Specifically, Coffeezilla refuted Paul’s own claims that the development of the play-to-earn game had been held hostage by a rogue developer and that this was the reason for the lack of progress.

Instead, it was revealed that the developer stopped working on the game as they were never paid. Coffeezilla went on to call the project a scam, which Paul responded to by calling Coffeezilla “a lopsided journalist.” With this latest round of updates, Paul has retracted his previous stance and stated that “Coffeezilla is not a criminal.”

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