Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT Game Accused Of Being A Scam: What Happened?

A new apparent NFT scam has been uncovered by the community – and this time, it’s Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT. To clarify, YouTuber Stephen ‘Coffeezilla‘ Findeisen has investigated the NFT game CryptoZoo. The NFT game, which sees players buy zoo coins to spend on NFT eggs which hatch into animals- has had its fair share of controversy, including failed mint transactions, bots, and the use of Photoshop stock images. Now, Coffeezilla alleges that the game itself was never even playable. Let’s take a look at the Logan Paul CrytpoZoo scam accusations.

Logan Paul's CryptoZoo is accused of being a scam
Logan Paul’s CrytpoZoo faces scam accusations (img. credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Is CryptoZoo a Scam?

This is not the first time CryptoZoo has been called a scam. Unfortunately, some investors lost seven-figure sums, and CryptoZoo did not reimburse their losses. Even blockchain detective ZachXBT called the nft project a Rug Pull. However, new allegations from Coffeezilla say that CryptoZoo has actually never been in a playable state, even though users have spent up to half a million US dollars in the game. Not only this, but the native token – the zoo coin – reached a market cap of over 2 billion dollars pre-launch. A user of CryptoZoo has also spoken out about the game’s failures. ‘Helicopter Bob’ reveals that you cannot retrieve your zoo coin yield. According to this user, yield did not work on the day of launch. It still does not work to this day. As a result, investors poured money into CryptoZoo and were not able to retrieve their funds.

screenshot of coffeezilla investigations Logan Paul cryptozoo scam
Logan Paul posts in CryptoZoo Discord for the first time in a year

What Has Logan Paul Said About CryptoZoo?

Initially, influencer Logan Paul did not interact with the scam and rug allegations. Therefore, many people believe that he has abandoned the project. However, when Logan Paul did comment, it was only to blame the failures on a third party. Logan Paul claims that a developer held the gaming code hostage for $1 million dollar ransom. So, Coffeezilla investigated this claim. The YouTuber reached out to the developer. This developer does not deny taking the code, yet says he held it hostage as Logan Paul owed the development team payment for their work on the game.

Since this revelation, Paul has responded to Coffeezilla’s expose. Paul claims that the report is ‘simply not true’. Supposedly, Paul will reveal all in the next episode of ‘Impaulsive’, due on January third. According to Paul, ‘bad actors will be exposed, explained, and held fully accountable’. Both parties involved in this saga – Paul and Coffeezilla – have invited each other onto their own shows. Still, there is no meeting of parties scheduled.

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