We are lucky to sit down with the leader of Monster Champions. A new spin on the NFT gaming space.  This article has all the details.


Collect Monsters, build your team, develop your strategy, and take on endless challenges as you embark on a journey to become the greatest Champion in all of Centuria!

Where can collectors learn more about this project? 

Discord: https://discord.gg/monsterchampions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonsterChamps

What is the projects launch date?

Our Genesis Mint is set to launch at the very beginning of March, and our Open Alpha for the game is set to launch towards the end of April.

How did you come up with the ideas?

Zach (my co-founder) and I have been playing mobile games together for about 10 years now. We’ve always talked about launching our own game– one that addresses all the shortcomings of the games we’ve played in the past, and reintroduces traded assets (which is now highly regulated on most mobile platforms). The emergence of blockchain gaming has given us the opportunity to bring our dreams to life in web3.

We’ve both been in the space for a while now, and we feel that the time is right to bring this to the world.

What Makes this project unique?

Across web3 gaming, the cost of entry is high and the trust is low. We’re looking to do the opposite.We’re building a game, and a brand, that uses a full-transparency model. Constant contact with the community, daily engagement, reception of feedback… it’s all important to us.

Perhaps what makes this project most unique is that we’re going to be live-shipping the game content. Rather than having a mint that precedes the project’s release date by 12+ months, we bet on ourselves months ago and started developing the game with what we had. Our development is not contingent on our Genesis Mint, which I believe really sets us apart from other projects. We are called to build a great game because we’ve invested our own time and money into it– we’re not betting with someone else’s money.

In order to launch and develop in this fashion, we need to be live-shipping the game. This means we’ll begin with the game as an “Open Alpha”, with massive expansions rolled out continuously. This allows the players to watch the development process, experience the growth of a game, and reap the rewards of being early believers in a game before it makes it “big time”.

Monster Champions will be playable both on-chain and off-chain, which makes it an awesome opportunity to onboard your friends to web3. We only implement blockchain where it’s absolutely necessary: token economy, Monster trading, and verification of scarcity for the limited-edition Monsters. The game is entirely enjoyable for off-chain users as long as they don’t intend to interact with any of these components.

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

We’re about 15 strong on our team right now.
Zach and myself are the Co-Founders– we dreamt this thing up long ago and we’re excited to finally launch it.

Chelsea and Sav are our primary artists, and they’ve been incredible. Chelsea came on as our Monster Artist and we immediately pivoted to offering her a role as our Art Director. She has an eye for detail and has been outstanding in leading all of our artistic efforts for this project. Sav is our Champion Artist and she’s been equally as impressive. We searched for months to find the right artists for this project, and we couldn’t be happier with how our team has ended up… they’ve impressed us every day, and we can’t wait to help them bring their art into the web3 space. We feel that they are going to have very successful careers here.

We have multiple developers– namely “Syn”, who is undoxxed due to partial involvement with a larger gaming company dealing in web2. Each person in our development team has 10+ years of experience in their respective fields– we spared no expense in putting this team together, as we have incredible confidence in the project.

For Tokenomics we’ve secured the best of the best in Nat Eliason. An excellent thinker, writer, and programmer, Nat has cemented himself as an expert in web3. We’ve watched him has incredible success with several ventures– most notably Crypto Raiders, where he’s building a thriving game economy that synergizes with a perfectly-structured token economy. For us, he’s building the latter, and we look forward to its integration with our game’s mechanics.

What is the price?

Our mint price will be based on our assessment of market sentiment leading up to the mint date. We have about another week before we intend to make that final call… but we can confirm that it will be no higher than .2 WETH.

It’s also worth noting that our mint will be held on the Polygon Network, to ensure low gas fees for our project and maximum returns for our buyers.

Why is that price fair?

To us, it’s plain and simple: other projects are setting their mint price way too high, and are turning into the entities that this very space seeks to disavow. We’re not a massive corporation, and we’re not building a game with cutting-edge graphics and cinematics. We don’t need $70m up-front. We just need enough funding to guarantee our employees compensation for the incredible work they’re doing on this project. We don’t need to raise funds on a promise– we’ll let our art and our game do the talking, and we want our community to experience the rewards just as much as we do.

What is the Mint Size?

There will be a total of 9,999 Champions provided in our Genesis Mint.

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

The Genesis Champions are a generative PFP project with breathtaking artwork. Sav, our artist, absolutely knocked it out of the park. Each of these Champions is equipped with a certain level of Elemental Affinity, ranging from 1 to 5. This Affinity will influence the strength of your Monsters within the game, as long as they share in that element. One notable mechanic of this: The Affinity rarities are independent from the Generative rarities, so you could end up with an extremely common Champion cosmetically that possesses powerful Affinity– thus giving them in-game utility. This balance of “utility” and “collectivity” is exactly what we hope to strike in all of our game’s components, as it allows for cheap collective pieces with high utility, expensive collection pieces with low utility, and everything in-between. There’s value for everyone.

We’ve read that players will also be able to Mint their own custom Champions within the game. What’s the benefit of the Genesis Champions compared to these?

The Genesis Champions are limited in supply, while the others are not. Furthermore, Genesis Champions are the only Champions in the game that possess an Elemental Affinity, which strengths all Monsters of that element. They have scarcity and they have utility. Lastly, to give them longevity, all Genesis Champions can have their primary skill replaced by that of any other Champion in the game– even if we introduce a new in-game Champion, the Genesis Champions will not lose their utility due to power creep. They will always be at the top of the meta. 

*Disclosure NFT Culture is supporting Monster Champions developing the smart contract and one owner of NFTCulture has offered advise and support on the project.

Source NFT Culture

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