NFL Rivals’ Rarity League is the First Drop on the Game

NFL Rivals, the NFT blockchain game brought to you by the NFL and Mythical Games is adopting officially licensed NFL ‘Rarity League’ NFTs to their platform. The initial ‘Rarity League’ release allows for fans of the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals to rep their teams. They can do this by purchasing some of the generative art, which is a collection of unique helmets.

Rarity League
Rarity League’s initial drop will feature Super Bowl winners, LA Rams, and the competition’s finalist, Cincinnati Bengals.

The Initial Rarity League Drop

The innaugural Rarity League drop, which is happening on August 30th is set to feature the two reigning Super Bowl finalists, the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. Each of the 5,000 fan-inspired helmet NFTs will be available to fans on the Rarity League website for 0.14 ETH, which can be paid via credit card, with all fiat currencies being supported. For owners, the NFTs will be revealed to them at 1 PM EST on the day after the sale closes.

Post-mint, users will be able to purchase the NFTs on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and SuperRare.

Beyond this initial drop, fans of each of the 32 NFL teams will also be able to purchase their team’s very own NFTs, too, with each team having 2,500 NFTs each on launch. The NFTs notably include over 500 traits, with varieties of rarity. This includes team-specific traits as well as highly limited backgrounds and animations.

The Rarity League collection will be adopted by NFL Rivals. They will provide owners access to special events, in-game rewards and other unique features. Loyal collectors who purchase multiple Rarity League collectibles within a single drop will also receive rare Founders Edition NFL player NFTs as bonus rewards from NFL Rivals, which will be playable in the game. Details on how one can qualify for these bonus rewards can be found on the NFL Rivals website.

About NFL Rivals

In detail, NFL Rivals is the league’s officially licensed blockchain game created in partnership with Mythical Games. It allows users to collect, upgrade and trade their favourite NFL stars with the goal of building their dream team.

In-game, users can play an arcade-style football experience that’s packed full of non-stop action. You can climb the leaderboards and earn special rewards through limited-time competitive events.

At this current moment, the game isn’t out. However, throughout its roadmap, there is a gameplay reveal and beta version of the game planned before worldwide release in early 2023.

The game has partnered with the NFL and NFLPA (Players’ Association), of course. As well as this, other investors/partners in OneTeam, FTX, Binance Labs, and more.

At this time, you can join their Discord, or follow their Twitter for more information on the game, or the various Rarity League drops commencing in the near future.

Rarity League traits
A preview of some of the Rarity League NFT traits, which will be available to use in the NFL Rivals game.

About Mythical Games

To clarify, Mythical Games is a venture-backed, next-generation game technology company at the intersection of video games and economics. Additionally, they are led by gaming industry veterans who helmed major franchises. These include Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Marvel Strike Force, Farmville, and Skylanders. Their goal is to create world-class products that bring the benefits of web3 utility with secondary markets to players.


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