NFT Christmas Gifts and Festive Mints For The Season

NFT Christmas gifts are the next big thing! Forget about tired old socks and gift cards, the people have spoken – and they want NFTs. In fact, last year, CNBC reported that young investor were ‘spending big on NFTs and other digital assets as gifts.’

This year, despite market conditions, there has been an increase in NFT and metaverse adoption. From companies such as Tiffany & Co. migrating to web3, to Reddit onboarding thousands of users through their ‘digital collectibles’, there is no escaping NFTs – not even at Christmas. So with Christmas just around the corner, we are bringing you a selection of the best NFT gifts for the digital asset lover in your life. Whether you are buying for an NFT newbie, a seasoned JPEG collector, or even if you are new to the world of NFTs yourself, there is something for everyone in this NFT gift guide.

nft xmas gifts banner nftevening
All I want for Christmas…is an NFT please

How To Gift An NFT For Christmas

So you want to gift an NFT for Christmas? LFG! Before we get started with our NFT gift recommendations, we should first explain how you can gift an NFT.

Create a Digital Wallet

The first step in your NFT gifting journey is to have a digital wallet. If you already have one – great, you can move to step two! If not, it’s time to create your crypto wallet. This digital wallet will store any NFTs that you buy using it. There are two different kinds of wallet – a hot wallet and a cold wallet. Hot wallets are software wallets which are connected to the internet through your computer of phone, and include the likes of MetaMask and Phantom. Cold wallets are hardware devices which keep you data offline, the most popular one being Ledger.
For further step-by-step instructions on creating your crypto wallet, check out our guide about the best crypto wallets for buying and storing NFTs.

Buy an NFT

Once you have decided which NFT you are going to purchase, head to a marketplace to complete the transaction. There are so many NFT marketplaces, from the popular NFT giant OpenSea, to the fine-art NFT marketplace SuperRare. Follow the specific marketplace instructions on how to purchase your NFT. Some platforms accept fiat (traditional currency) while others may require you to pay in cryptocurrency. Keep your funds and wallet safe by only buying from legitimate sources.

Send an NFT Christmas Gift to Someone Else

If you have made it this far, you have successfully purchased the NFT gift – hurrah! Now, to send the NFT to someone else, you will need their wallet address. Of course, if you are keeping this gift a surprise, wait until they ‘receive’ their gift before you ask for their wallet address. Perhaps you could print out a photo of the NFT you have  purchased and put it inside a card. Maybe you could even have the NFT printed to hang on a wall? Then, when you are ready, ask the lucky recipient for their wallet address. Ensure that you have the correct address, as once you send the NFT, it cannot be recovered.
Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for giving the coolest Christmas gift money can buy.

Christmas NFT Gift Ideas

This is the only list you need for the NFT lover in your life. From the perfect digital asset to gift, to NFTs with physical counterparts, we have something for everyone. Without further ado, we present our Christmas NFT Gift List of 2022.

The Perfect NFT Gift for:

Philanthropic Friends: Charitable NFTs from ‘United Artists for Ukraine’

Charity and NFTs go hand-in-hand, with NFTs being a powerful tool for fundraising. One such charitable NFT project is ‘United Artists for Ukraine’. La Collection have collaborated with United Artists, an arts collective led by artists Marina Abromovic and Ron Arad for this new project. Together, they released NFT memberships to raise vital funds for Ukrainian cultural institutions. The digital membership cards have been designed by rising Ukrainian artist Irina Ozarinskaya and give their owner access to a range of exclusive benefits such as artworks, exhibitions and events.

Keith Haring NFT
Rare Keith Haring NFT by Irina Ozarinskaya

Price: From 0.41416 ETH or $534 USD

Trading Card Lovers: Gods Unchained Festive Cards

Gods Unchained is a leading web3 trading card game, and gives players true ownership of in-game items. To clarify, the NFT trading cards combine physical cards with digital collectibles. As such, players can earn, trade, sell, and collect NFT cards. Then, players get to work with skill-based multiplayer battles! Now, this much loved trading-card NFT has announced a festive deck. ‘Winter Wanderlands’ will be the first of its kind and will feature something special for everyone. The first seasonal-themed card set in the game’s history has new unique assets and cosmetics ‘in the spirit of upcoming holiday season.’The set will include 20 festive-themed cards. These cards guide players through the interactions between the Christmas-themed characters in their journey.

Christmas NFT gift of woman looking into snow globe game
Gods Unchained Festive Cards

Price: 0.00711 ETH or $9.18 for the ‘Booster’ pack, 0.07117 ETH or $91.91 for the ‘Shiny’ pack

Adventure Gamers: Illuvium

Open-world RPG adventure game ‘Illuvium‘ exists on the Etheruem block chained, powered by Immutable X layer. Within Illuvium, players journey across ‘a vast and varied landscape’, hunting and capturing creatures – Illuvials. Then, together with their creatures, players must discover what caused the near-destruction of the world. Now, Illuvium has partnered with DeQuest for a special Christmas event! New quests are open every day through to December 25th, and there are even prizes to be won. Some quests require owning only one ILV token, others require the ownership of numbers lands. So if you have a gamer in your life, consider purchasing them some ILV tokens or land as an early Christmas gift so that they can take part in this epic festive quest!

images of reindeer for gaming Christmas nft calendar
New quests are open every day through to December 25th

Price: Varies, check the Illuvium website 

Zombie Gamers: Undead Blocks

Another fantastic festive event for gamers is the Undead Blocks ’30 Days of Giving’! Santa Claus has come early for the zombie Apocalypse community, with Undead Blocks distributing gifts to their community from December 7th through to January 9th. The full game release is just around the corner, and this may be the last chance to grab a rare skin or NFT Weapon Loadout! This Christmas giveaway runs alongside the sale of 25,000 loot coffins on GameStop NFT Marketplace. Each day, there will be a random prize draw on the Zombie News Network Twitch Channel. A common loot coffin will be raffled off each day, and the Apocalypse Pack Weapon Loadout will be announced January 9th. A coffin is needed to participate in this giveaway – so why not gift a coffin to a gamer?

Price: 0.01 ETH/$12.91 for Common Loot Coffins, 0.02 ETH/$25.82  for Rare Loot Coffins, 0.03ETH/$38.72 for Legendary Loot Coffins

Luxury Spirit Lovers: BlockBar

Time to get in the Christmas spirit – literally. NFT native luxury spirit brand BlockBar have amazing options for alcoholic gifts. For Cognac lovers, there is the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition decanter paired with exclusive NFT artwork by LA-based stylist Veneda Carter. This is something that every cognac connoisseur would love to display in their home, and their virtual bar. If whisky is their drink of choice, then the Royal Salute 27-year-old Single Cask Finish is the way to go. This is exclusive to BlockBar. Another BlockBar exclusive is the Johnnie Walker Blue Label X Vandy The Pink. This bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label was by Vandy Junghoon Son, founder of the cult fashion label Vandy The Pink. Also included in the purchase is a signed piece of Vandy The Pink artwork, exclusive to owners.

To make it even easier to gift on BlockBar, the company has just launched their gifting platform ‘The Gift that Keeps on Giving’. Why not grab a gift for yourself while you’re there? Sign up to the 12 day advent calendar giveaway, beginning Tuesday 13th December, to be in with a chance to win. 12 days, 12 incredible festive surprises, from BlockBar brand partners. The prizes include Dewars, Martell, Royal Salute, Rémy Martin, and much more. Free to enter, winners announced daily.

Gift Card by blockbar
Gifting made easy with BlockBar Gift Cards

Price: Varies. Gift cards start at 0.039 ETH or $50

The NFT Enthusiast: Ledger

Finally, this is the perfect NFT Christmas gift for any and all NFT enthusiasts – Ledger. Ledger are the number one go-to for NFT security. The hardware wallet Ledger Nano stores your private keys offline at all times, while the Ledger Live interface lets the use buy, sell, and view their NFTs easily. Scams are rife in Web3, and Ledger makes NFT security easy. Ledger have also just announced their latest offering – Stax! The new hardware wallet Stax has an interactive touchscreen, making security even more stylish. This wallet, available to preorder now, is the same size as a credit card. It also stacks magnetically (hence the name), has a customisable name on the spine, and can display your NFT on front image.

Ledger Stax
Customise your Ledger Stax with a wallet name on the spine!

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