Orange Comet Lures AMCs ‘Interview with the Vampire’ to the Blockchain

As the world embroils itself in political chaos, a new and formidable presence has begun to emerge from the darkest pits of the blockchain. Crawling up from the bowels of the abyss to lay stake to the new digital frontier and create a monster ridden haven for the despicable hoards. So, while living humanity remains distracted, ‘Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe’ will look to claw its way back into the minds of those inhabiting the mortal realm.

The first piece of this macabre new universe will once again see masters of the blockchain, Orange Comet, partner up with entertainment giant, AMC. Combining their considerable forces to bring Anne Rice’s vampiric tale of love, betrayal and revenge, ‘Interview with the Vampire’ to the undying realm of the blockchain. Thus continuing Orange Comet’s morbid flirtation with the fascinating realm of the undead!

Orange Comet Lures AMCs ‘Interview with the Vampire’ to the Blockchain
Orange Comet Lures AMCs ‘Interview with the Vampire’ to the Blockchain

The Immortal Pass

The first step in this magnificent new journey will see Orange Comet deploy the Immortal Pass via its highly capable ecosystem. Therefore, allowing collectors to get in on all the action from the ground up, and unlock a wild range of content along the way. Following the sale, those in possession will gain access to a gamified Immortal Universe, IRL events, preferential minting, collectibles, merch, and much more!

Fans can get a jump on the competition by signing up for the Premint allowlist before November 30. An action that will also enter those taking part in an additional prize draw to win one of 2500 ‘NFKey’ (NFT). An asset that comes with its own rewards and utilities, including 3 months’ access to AMC+. The official ‘Immortal Pass’ mint will be occurring on December 8. As a result, kicking off a ‘collect to earn’ odyssey through the grand fantasy dominium of Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe.

Sign up for a chance to join the Allowlist >> Here

Orange Comet Lures AMCs ‘Interview with the Vampire’ to the Blockchain

Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe

The ‘Interview with the Vampire’ NFTs will mark the start of a deeper, lore-filled, monster-strewn digital destination. Resulting in a complete virtual world based on Anne Rice’s sexually charged vampire novels. As well as her literary back catalogs touching on all things supernatural, including Witches, spooky goings on, and the downright macabre. So, keep a keen eye on Orange Comet for details of this, and many more exciting projects coming this way soon!

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