Parcel Party Presents ‘Winter Fest ’23’ in Decentraland

As the world inches closer to 2023, it is clear that the new year will have a lot in store for denizens of the Metaverse. One such spectacular event will see Parcel party’s ‘Winter Fest ’23’ light up Decentraland from January 5-6.

Details About the Party 

Presented by Parcel Party and Babydolls, Winter Fest ’23 will feature a full day of fashion art and music. Essentially. bringing together the 3 pillars of entertainment into one spectacular NFT laden virtual event.

As such, it will feature digital art curated by the NFTcreep Gallery and will also see performances from several high caliber artists, including Gucci Toe, Stoneye, Soultry Dubs, King Mizo, $Rap Headz, Cromulon, Dj Trax, Mr. Swe, Serena Elis, Dj Van’t Hof, Aka Horus, and Tash.  

So far, the event has proven popular with users, with over 700 attendees signing up for it. This is one of several events that Decentrand has in store for 2023 and comes after a busy year of successful celebrations in the Metaverse. 

Decentraland famously held both a fashion week and music festival in 2022 and from all indications, we can look forward to the same next year.

Source NFT Plazas

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