Puss In Boots Quest in The Sandbox Metaverse May Win You a Free NFT

The Puss in Boots Sandbox Experience is now live! Players will be able to explore Little Big Island to win an exclusive NFT. Additionally, Puss in Boots makes an appearance to present players with a quest to help get his hat back. This gameplay is sure to be exciting and full of Easter eggs for players to discover.

A cartoon animation of a cat and a young man run through a desert in support of The Puss in Boots Sandbox Experience.
The Experience takes place on Little Big Island. Credit: The Sandbox.

What Is Little Big Island?

The island is gorgeous. With ores to mine and trees to log, there is much to accomplish. Find yourself wandering through a sandcastle full of dancing crabs or sitting by a campfire to watch the sun go down. Players will have many options for how they want to direct their gameplay. The Sandbox enables players to explore the island and its many mysteries.

Two digitally animated cats stand in a desert with a scroll.
The Quest will earn players an exclusive NFT. Credit: Universal Pictures.

What Is The Puss In Boots Sandbox Quest?

The Puss in Boots Sandbox Experience comes with a quest to help the beloved feline find his hat. Players will have to gather materials and work through challenges in order to understand the nature of the island. Those who complete the quest will receive the free NFT. The event ends on January 11th.

A digitally animated cat with a wide brimmed hat smirks and looks off into the distance.
Puss in Boots is also spending some time on the big screen. Credit: Looper.

Where Else Can You Catch Puss In Boots?

The Puss in Boots journey doesn’t end there, as Puss in Boots: The Last Wish hits theaters this week. Follow this character through the metaverse and onto the big screen, as Puss helps audiences discover the mythical Last Wish. You won’t want to miss this.

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