World Cup legend Sir Geoff Hurst’s debut NFT collection ‘The Everlasting Memory’ is now available on Rarible.

The open edition collection is on sale now, and will raise funds for two charities close to Sir Geoff’s heart, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

­­­­The NFTs represent recollections of England’s famous World Cup victory over West Germany in 1966.

As well as the open edition NFTs, a special 1 of 1 NFT will go on sale on 16th December 2022.

Sir Geoff Hurst said of the collection: “As time passes, and memories fade, the 1966 World Cup is still etched in my brain, and I am fortunate to be able to recall that life changing experience even at the ripe old age of 80 years. Watching from the side-lines as teammates from that World Cup winning side have been impacted by the awful disease that is Alzheimer’s, has been a humbling experience. These amazing men were more than teammates, they were heroes to me – and to the rest of the nation.”  

Sir Geoff Hurst

Worlds collide

Reeps One’s collection ‘The Everlasting Memory’ will immortalize a historical moment in world football, but also help a worthy cause.  

Just three members of the heroic 66′ England team are still alive, including Sir Geoff, with a number of England’s football heroes falling victim to Alzheimer’s disease. 

The artwork, generated by Sir Geoff’s vocal memory, has been created by artists Harry Yeff and Trung Bao, creators of the world-renowned VOICE GEMS system. 

Sir Geoff continued: “Raising vital funds and awareness for charities like Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, is close to my heart and getting involved in an NFT project to do that has been an eye-opening experience. Of course, I’ve read about this new world of NFTs, and my Grandson has often talked about them – to be able to call on my own memories of 66′ and immortalise them digitally for future generations was what really intrigued me.” 

The Wembley Meeting

The Wembley meeting

VOICE GEMS founder Harry Yeff met Sir Geoff at Wembley earlier this summer, where Sir Geoff shared his memories to inspire Reeps One’s NFT creation. 

Having seen his teammates suffer from Alzheimer’s, Sir Geoff admits his memory of the World Cup could also fade – which makes his involvement in the project even more poignant.

Reeps One, a London Born leading artist, commented: “Receiving the call that Sir Geoff Hurst wanted us to preserve his 1966 memory is not something I will forget fast. Arguably there is nothing more iconic in sports than that hat-trick. Growing up in London’s Walthamstow it’s been a moment that has come up again and again in my life. I have been around the world twice collecting voices for the VOICE GEMS project, but this is Legendary. A legendary voice for a legendary cause. A memory frozen in time”

Source NFT News today

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